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XRF - Radio Free Asia : "Burmese Farmers Shot in Land Clash", Document #1297591

Southwestern Burma's policemen on Tuesday killed and injured at least nine peasants who were among the hundred who tried to reclaim property, to be impounded by a privately-owned firm without reparation, the policemen and campaigners said. A group of townships in the Maubin municipality of DivisiĆ³n Ayeyarwady suffered violent attacks after some 300 to 500 peasants resisted the warning from the authorities and went into a 200-hectare rut, which they say were impounded over a decade before.

After the peasants assaulted the masses with clubs and knifes, a policeman said to the Burmese RFA service. Peasants were prevented from taking over the country already assigned to a group. A policeman who spoke on an anonymous basis said that the peasants had disobeyed orders under section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure - a regulation that allows the agencies to monitor law and order that has been criticized by legal groups.

Of the twenty-six policemen injured in the collisions and taken to hospital in additon to the nine peasants - five men and four wives. An agriculturist called Maung Soe said that the cops used truncheons to strike men and wives in the crowds who fought back at them. "Though we were under threat from the cops, we didn't think they'd kill us.

Peasants came from the communities of Kundinelay, Latpangone, Adate, Papin and Palaung in the Malatto village group in Maubin, about 50 kilometres outside Burma's former capitol Rangoon. In the area, policemen have been on duty since last weekend when the peasants began to clear the lands for growing, according to Guiding Star Association campaigner Win Choe, who works with the peasants in the area.

"On February 21, the peasants began to clear the area to prepare for the ranch, and the next morning 150 policemen came to the area. The next morning there were 200 cops and 300 in the area today," she said on Tuesday. About 400 ha of the area that used to be paddy fields were seized 10 years ago by a privately owned enterprise, half of it levelled and turned into fish lakes, she said.

Formerly on Tuesday, peasants and campaigners were excluded from a rally with the government on the issue of the lands to which they had been summoned, Win Choe said. Peasants say that they have owned the property for generation and that it was taken without any form of reparation. Rural conflicts have come to the forefront in Burma as the state emerged from its decade-long army dominance, with right-wing groups voicing concerns about a possible "land grab epidemic" in the state.

The North Burmese Sagaing Division's country protest, which the peasants said had been seized for a Chinese-backed mine in the Letpadaung hills, caused national concerns following a violent policing attack in November. Anaylsists say many of the country strife is not new, dating back to a time when the former army june tried to open itself up to investor in the early nineties, while others are associated with new strife that arises as the former Paria state opens itself up to FDI world.

Reporting by Moe Thu Aung and Win Naing for the Burmese RFA service.

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