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Findings of the medical examination of refugees from Burma. Myanmar elections: Thein Be Satisfied with the Result Said the US Chairman believed that Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD group of MPs will stimulate the work of the relatively new government and enhance the overall debate on the issue. Legislative power, voted through a dubious 2010 elections, has so far been of minor importance, although it has cast a number of ballots for the release of prisoners and labour freedoms.

Ko Ko Ko Ko Hlaing, chief advisor to the US presidency, said while the president's staff was astonished by the extent of Ms Suu Kyi's success. It is an election campaign that inspires enthusiasm and wants to show its spirit and hopes for change," he said to the Washington Post.

Findings of the Burmese refugee health check. - pubMed

Describe the exposition to violation of basic freedoms among Burma's refugee populations; contrast the exposition of an ethnically diverse Myanmar Shans with that of the remaining student populations; and contrast the exposition of those who had recently escaped from Burma with that of those who had previously entered Thailand.

In November 1997, a number of displaced persons settled and camped in northern Thailand near the Burmese frontier. Another 96 people (Group B), rather accidentally chosen, were asked for an abridged programme of interviews, 38 of whom had recently escaped. For the quantification of the exposition a scale was used. Certificates of exposures to bodily harm were evaluated and the consistence between the declared exposures, the notified follow-up manifestations and the outcome of the trial was evaluated.

RESULTS: Both groups report severe violation of fundamental rights: hard labor (Group A: 66%, Group B: 35%), concierge services (65%, 44%), resettlement (51%, 51%), killings of members of families (36%, 29%). Witnesses' testimony was considered true in all cases of bodily harm. SUMMARY: The violation of Burma's humanitarian law was huge.

Aside from the landmine issue, the Burma military has been blamed for all recorded and recorded atrocities.

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