Restaurants in Yangon

Yangon Restaurants

Asian restaurant, tea room, bar, Sharky's. Asian Restaurant, $$$$ Green Gallery. Asian restaurant, $$$$$ Rau R?m. Sule Café in Sule Shangri-La, Yangon.

It is normal in a city like Yangon to expect the familiar Asian cuisine: exotic flavours, rich aromas and bright colours.

Burmese restaurants

This is an inside tour to the best restaurants in Burma, which includes lunches at Inle Lake and the best Shan meal in Mandalay. Felix and Lucia Eppisser come from Zurich, Switzerland, where their chef's Michelin award was given to their restaurants. Supervised by guest cooks from Europe, the student produces some of the most spectacular meals, often with a Myanmar touch.

There is a rich and secure meal plan to attract beginners with classical sweets and sours, Thai curries and fresh vietnamesian egg roulett. For an appetizer, try Burma's lettuce. Mya Nandar is the only riverside place in Mandalay. From overcrowded boats to fisherman in their wood boatffs, I rather eat at noon.

Meals here are delicious with a selection of grilled meat and an internationally renowned cuisine. It' the best of the river restaurants in Bagan. In spite of the name of the place, I still like to stop by for dinner. There is also a selection of refreshing juice. Best Shan meal in Mandalay.

Meals are served in cafeteria bowls: a choice of Currys, pasta, salad and pan-fried vegetable. Try the stewed seafood in a sheet of bananas and the curried freshness of toofu. There are some meals that are hot, so be careful. This place can hold some finds, so ask your local hotels to record the name and location of the cabbie in Burmese.

Its cuisine transforms crisply prepared home-made beans, peanuts and vegetable (especially eggplant, pumpkin and papaya) into a wide selection of delicious Currys and Tampo. Favorites are Tamarinden cheese with tamarinds and peppaya-lettuce. Here you can have a good meal if you are sick, because the menue also contains plain lettuces, guacamols, banana pans, yoghurt smothies and saps.

Featuring an amazing selection of soup, tempera and pasta recipes, the meal is a blend of classic Myanmar, China and Thailand food. After a forenoon in Inwa or Sagaing it is well placed for noon. Our kind, hard-working personnel serves a typical Myanmar luncheon with a good selection of tapa trays with meats and vegetables currys.

Soups, Chutney, Tamarinds and tealeaf lettuce are provided free of cost. Try the crushed lettuce, smoked barbecued eggplant and chopped eggplant.

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