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Wood's Riverbend Restaurant, Mammutquelle, AR. With a view of the beautiful Spring River at Mammoth Spring, AR. Thayer DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant, MO.

Theayer, Thayer,


DoQ Barbecue & Chill Restaurant

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Georgian meal in Thayer, Mo......... - Review of El Charro Mexico Restaurant, Thayer, MO

On our journey we try to stay away from the chains and look for places like El Charro's in Thayer, Mo. The last evening of our holiday in the near Mammoth Springs we longed for a good Fajita and wow we found it at El Charro.....

Dinner is delicious and the services are great. Meals are either eaten as described, or you can sum or deduct what you want....this is a true advantage for the choosy eater! The steak is well made and the Mexico meals are delicious! and the personnel is very kind.

We' ve been travelling and wanted to enjoy some good food. This is an awesome meal. It was even better than the meal. When we are back in the area, we will take another journey to enjoy this great meal! Incredible and good meals at sensible rates. Mexico's regular meals are the same as anywhere else.

Specialities are usually better. Have you been to the El Charro Mexicoï¿?

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