Restaurants in Mandalay Myanmar

Mandalay Myanmar Restaurants

The best food in Mandalay, Mandalay region: The Green Elephant is the most luxurious place in Mandalay for a traditional culinary experience. There is no shortage of restaurants in Myanmar. Mandalay has a large selection of restaurants in this city. The structure of the restaurants in Mandalay is also very different, as it combines the Shan architecture with the colonial style.

Where and what to dine in Mandalay Restaurants

There is no lack of restaurants in Myanmar. Mandalay has a large choice of restaurants in this town. Of course, most restaurants in Myanmar sell rices and curries, but the restaurants in Mandalay go beyond that. In addition to Burma's tradition and Mandalay specialties, the restaurants also sell Mandalay food from China, India, Thailand and even Nepal.

In Mandalay you can also enjoy westerly cuisine. There are restaurants in Mandalay in different types and shapes. Visiting Mandalay will not be incomplete without feeding in A Little Bit of Mandalay. Mandalay visitors should find plenty of opportunity to stop by, as this place offers the best of the town's cuisine with a large selection of Myanmar cuisine.

No 413/B, 803 Block, 65 Street, between 27-28 Street, Aung Daw Mu Quarter. Mahamuni Paya guests who are starving will be grateful for the position of the Aya Myit Tar Myanmar restaurants. Two-room restaurants have a minimum of speaking level of German, but there is an Anglophone meal.

Number 530 81 st. If you are looking for westerly food, you should go to the Barman Beer Bar or the Barb. If you want to take a rest from your meal, you can have pasta, burger, soups containing warm sandwiches and tasty grilled chickens. This two storey business premises has A/C and ESPN on the televisions.

Number 292, block 609, 76th Street, between the streets 26-27. Green Elephant Restaurant is probably the most beloved in Myanmar. Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. Mandalay is one of the few upmarket restaurants in the town and is located in a 1920s villa.

Menus include Burma and Asia (Chinese and Thai) cuisine. Three ( "H"), 801 block, number 27, between 64 and 65 streets, Aung Daw Mu district. You can enjoy tasty Thailand cuisine in almost every destination, and this Mandalay based Thailand style definitely offers a different way to eat. This original two-storey meal offers knock-out shrimp hotpots, aubergine chili dipping and crunchy scab.

Number 282, 146 Block, corner of 20th and 80% Street. Mandalay has a number of Shan restaurants, and this one is the best place to eat, so it should come as no big deal that this two-story place is always full. There are enough Shan meals on the list to arouse your interest.

65 Twenty-threerd St, between 83nd and 84rd Streets. It is a quite special chef, serving everything from curry and yogurt to westerner breakfasts, but all meals are vegetable. This two storey restaurant/house is known for its tasty blackcurrants and chaptis and a very impressing eggplant dipping with veg.

Situation: on 27th Street, between 7-45th. It is called this because it is run by a Nepalese team. It is a veggie place and does not offer meats, egg or liquor. Place: 81st Street, between26th and 27th Streets. In front of the restaurants, the falls welcome the visitors, who will be amazed by the area.

801, corner of 27 and 64. The restaurant serves tasty meals at reasonable rates. The majority of the local people confirm that this gap in the brickwork floor is the right place for the best Mandalay cuisine. Place: Twenty-seventh Street, between seventy-fourth and seventy-fiveth.

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