Restaurants in Mandalay Burma

Mandalay Burma Restaurants

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???? BBB Restaurant ?? ???????????????????? There is no shortage of restaurants in Myanmar. This restaurant is known for its cultural show "Dance from Dynasties".

Mandalay Hip Restaurant - Review of Cafe City, Mandalay, Myanmar

Catering and guests were the most demanding and internationally renowned we have seen in Burma. Mobile telephones and clothes from the West were at every desk. I had a very good meal. So we couldn't see the menus. Having eaten Myanmar cuisine for almost two whole week, we were very lucky to find this place that offers good quality cosmopolitan cuisine.

Afterwards we had dinner from the restaurant table and the meal was delicious and the waiters were very alert. I' I had a burgers and chips that were cool, spicy and delicious. When you crave something from the West, this is your opportunity.... but there are many options on the pasta or travel menus.

Contemporary Mandalay Cafe - Review of Cafe JJ, Mandalay, Myanmar

Quick to serve, good qualitiy of the dishes, also in accordance with western standards. Both of us ordered a pair of spaghettis with shrimps and some cut roast meat and French-fried. Wish I had taken a photo of two of our dishes, but we really enjoyed them to the last morsel, as they were both the same.

Spaaghetti was al dente. No. You should also try the fried meat yourself. We walked through the majestic place and walked on the Mandalay hillside to have a nice luncheon. Meals and beverages are too expensive and not inventive, it is definitely better to have in Mandalay! Took them 45 min to get the meal, which was the opposite order anyway, so two of us and one of us didn't eat.

Myanmar's Top 5 Restaurants | Burma

Jade, our Burma experts, will introduce you to our five most popular restaurants in Burma and we will teach you a little about the cuisines. Myanmar cooking has a beautiful mixture of culture - a mixture of Murmanese, Mon, Hindi and Mandarin cuisines. Pasta, curry, rice and salad are all staple foods of the Myanmar food-stuff.

Myanmar is one of the few places to taste its tealeaves - you have to try a marinated tealeaf meal, as it is one of the few places where you can find it. However, it is definitely very palatable - and gives you a strong burst of decaffeine - so maybe not something you should have in the evenings.

You will find here our top five restaurants that Jade recommend when you are visiting Burma. Situated north of Ananda Temple in Old Bagan, The Moon Cafe is a veggie eating place that is a great place to eat in Bagan for everyone. Delicious and delicious meals, with thoughtful employees who like to make proposals.

The Planteur serves good gourmet cuisine with an Asiatic touch in a villa in the city. It' more pricey than the typical Burma restaurants, but a true pleasure. Silverful Seafoods offer great shellfish at affordable prices, with freshly harvested shrimps and live freshwater sea bream served directly to your dinner tables.

The Mandalabar is a Myanmar salute, but also a great Mandalay near the historical Mandalay Palace. Fishball salad - for those who only like hot meals! One of Nyuang Shwe's top restaurants - the gate to Inle Lake - all meals are freshly prepared to order, with many veggie choices, all at extraordinarily affordable rates.

Has this whetted your appetite for creating some of your own Myanmar cuisine? All of our Treasures of Burma tours offer you the opportunity to take real cookery courses to help you prepare stunning cuisine.

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