Restaurant List in Yangon

Yangon Restaurant List

Are you looking for restaurants in Yangon? A list of restaurants in Yangon. No, no. Mawlamyaing Daw Ngwe Kyi. Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar, directory of health food shops and guides to a healthy meal.

It is not only the foreign tourists, visitors and local expats who are afraid to eat Myanmar curries that "swim" in cooking oil, but also the local population of Myanmar.

The best places to eat in Yangon, Myanmar

It is a savoury seafood and pasta broth, a basic foodstuff of Burma. Myanmar teas contain prawn pontoons, ferment lettuce and tender lettuce of coconuts in a beautiful varnished can. Take a place in the entresol to see the cultivated barkeepers from a bird's perspective who mix herbal enriched cakes.

Order the shisiti-pepper sprinkled with rough salted and limed pepper and our tasty burmese spiced rice and tasty rice and mushrooms. In this cozy and impressive pub, drinks are based on local drinking: Coco Colada - a flavoured blend of coconuts, absinth and tropic fruits - comes with a cloud of nebula and hot chocolate.

All about Yangon Restaurants - Where and what to dine in Yangon

Usually the accustomed Asiatic kitchen with its tropical flavors, abundant flavors, herbs, and vibrant colors is expected in an Asiatic capitol like Yangon. Yangon is no exception, but in recent years the town has seen an expansion of dining with many other cuisines.

In addition to local Chinese, Burma and India there are now restaurant in Italy, Japan, Thailand, Korea and the West. Eating in Yangon now reflects a more cosmopolitan nature. There are also quick meals with hamburgers and pizzas as well as cafés and cafés. Yangon has a wide variety of fine foods in a wide variety of Yangon establishments.

In good restuarants it is not only about eating, they also offer their guests the best place to hang out. There are pizzas and a large choice of west facing dishes. No. 9/13, Fiftyth Street, Botataung Township, Yangon. If you are looking for good food, you should visit the Ashoka India Restaurant in Yangon for the first time.

A two-story, colonial-style restaurant serving delicious homemade curry with baked goods. Each dish is genuine New Delhi India cooking and is cooked by New Delhi cooks. I have not much English but try for a genuine Myanmar dining adventure. The restaurant with interesting facilities is perhaps the best place to taste typical ltalian cooking at affordable rates.

Favorites include Italy's traditional food such as tagliatelle, lasagne, pizza, pastas, but also barbecued seafood, chickens, pork, australalian steaks of meat and more. As the name suggests, this is a very favourite restaurant with roasted and stewed canard, but also with many favourite traditional meals such as sweetened pickled seafood and pig meat with cucumber.

You also have a choice of Thai foods. To enjoy excellent Myanmar cooking, head to the Green Elephant Restaurant in Yangon. It has three offices in Myanmar. It is the final goal for tastings of the best and healthy Myanmar cuisines. There are also Thai and Chinese-style meals on the menu. The restaurant stands out from other local cuisines by adding a touch of modernity to local tradition.

All of the meals on the list come under the heading of merger foods, whereby Indonesia's herbs and aromas are presented with a refreshing touch. There are also western, Burma and veggie cuisines. This is a welcome complement to the traditional restaurant scenery in China, where Jin Bao has a choice of shellfish, and major courses such as double-boiled spiced pig meat and crabs with maize.

Soups, warm dishes, green salad and vegetable dishes are also on the menus. Yangon's most highly regarded restaurant, this is one of the best known in Myanmar. The most discerning consumers will find something on the menus that they like.

Meals on offer range from lox, goose liver and fillet of veal to lobsters and so on. It is one of the best Itali restaurant in Yangon. You will be served genuine ltalian food such as home-made noodles, wood-fired pizza and salad in a very special charm. Yangon's long-standing emblem is a favourite with visitors, expatriates, business travellers and NGOs.

This restaurant's ambience, together with its exceptional gastronomy, brings guests back. Asia's great flavor in an upscale restaurant is where you will find Myanmar, Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian and Kambodian cuisines. It is a great place for events with large refectories and a restaurant. Together with your meal you can hear life acts that play Myanmar music from the world of Myanmar, as well as from the world of Myanmar.

There is a very wide selection of menus including China, shellfish, salads, local food (burgers, steaks, freshly caught meat, etc.) and vegetable cuisines. A stylish restaurant with delicious Burma and Thailand cuisines. Cooks prepare only the highest standard Myanmar and Thailand cuisines. It has two seperate galleys, one for each one.

The Sky Bistro offers a week-long meal with local cuisines. Marinated tealeaf lettuce, spicy & acid szechwan broth, shrimp sweets and curries, chickens and masalas and fishcake curries with tamarinds are just some of the sophisticated cosmopolitan recipes you will find here. Shan Kan Chinese Restaurant is the most famous name in Yangon when it comes to Indonesian food.

The most popular dish on the restaurant menus is the fry shell shrimp, which is a favorite with most of the restaurant's guests. If you want to try a meal of China in Myanmar, you should definitely visit Shan Kan. U Wisara Road, Yangon. The restaurant offers traditional home-style cooking in a brewery ambience.

In Yangon there are many ways to eat on the streets. The city centre offers a large selection of home-cooked meals for the price-conscious and adventure-fun. Outside the city centre, however, it is restricted to small stalls with beverages, refreshments and local cuisine.

The meal is just as good. Satisfying those seeking the flavor of genuine subcontinental tradition, this restaurant offers all your favorite vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as well as great local tradition curry in a refined diet.

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