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Hpa Restaurant

Co-co food & drink. Myanmar Restaurant: Like most in Myanmar, the food tends to come a little to the fore and Hpa An is no different with a wide selection of restaurants serving delicious food.

Great Evening Supper - Review Wadee Restaurant, Hpa An, Myanmar

Everything fresh prepared, a good choice of dishes and a very kind crew. It'?s very good too. From Mae Sot the restaurant has relocated to Hpa-an and offers the same kind of service as Mae Sot ("Freshburmse and Thai food") and very nice people. I' ve been to Hpa-at many times, but just found Woadee Restaurant- the nutrition is marvelous! i had a bilberry concussion, chickpea biscurry, penny-worth lettuce and radish lettuce all so delectable.

There are also smoothie, pasta, fresh coffees and cakes. It' s a familiar company and the employees are good speaking and are very kind and courteous and its neat and inexpensive..... An exquisite restaurant à Hpa-An. It is an exquisite dish and is served with a large amount of rice.

The price of the dishes is about 1500/2000 K. The restaurant also offers juices and desserts. The price-performance ratio is outstanding. Have you been to the Wadee Restaurant?

Burma's best restaurant in Hpa-An - Review of San Ma Tau (Myanmar Restaurant), Hpa An, Myanmar

Put your hand down, the best meal I've had in all of Myanmar. So I went there two consecutive nights and tried a vegeterian and a poultryy. Your side slices were astonishing. There were other great meals such as cauliflower and caramelised onions, as well as a fungal one. The meal was delicious, abundant and pure.

Arrival at noon for the fresest meals. A very good meal, a tidy restaurant and an excellent meal. A chance to try many small meals. A light stroll along Bogyoke Road, the meal was good and the place really well. It was delicious, but without the gravy. Have you ever been to San Ma Tau?

Reviews by Hpa An Doughnut, Hpa An, Myanmar

Situated on the banks of the Salween ("Thanlwin") rivers. This city is loud, messy and mayhem. It is a beautiful place to observe the sunset, although the use of the riverbank for a rubbish dump impairs the adventure. The" new road" is now open so that some Hpa An could go around, but I would say you should go there.

Cities on the way are very nice and the landscape on the gravel roads is great if you get them on a clear sunny days. The Hpa An is a pretty small city and most of the rides are outside the city, but I spent the night at the Galaxy Hotel, which was great.

In Hpa An it was difficult to find West German foods - we enjoy Asiatic foods, but sometimes you need a rest.

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