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Burmese Top Choice in Hpa-an. The San Ma Tau Myanmar Restaurant. It is one of the most attractive Burmese restaurants in the country. The Thai Village Restaurant is a truly fantastic place with beautiful bamboo cabins and tables. San Ma Tau Veranda Youth Community Café (Myanmar Restaurant) Hpa An Lodge.

Hpa-an, Myanmar (Burma) restaurants

The restaurant offers hearty meals based on traditional local cuisine and is also a place for football. There are many possibilities on the menus in German, among them many vegetarians, or it's just fine for a cold one. Hpa - a subsidiary of a renowned restaurant in Taunggyi, Shan State, Yadanar 2 serving delicious Shan pasta, as well as noodlesoups, dumpling and a delicious lime sauce.

It is the nearest thing to Hpa at a pub - with Kirin and Myanmar draught beer - and also offers sensible local food. It' s pretty shabby, but this tee house is serving proper teas and newly brewed snacks - ideal for breakfasts.

The Top 10 best restaurants in Hpa An

An is known as a great tourist resort with many of the finest fashion restaurants offering excellent food and gastronomy. These are the top 10 restaurants as useful proposals for travellers arriving to Hpa An. The Thai Village Restaurant is a truly fantastic place with lovely cabins and BBQs.

The hotel serves Asiatic, Thai and vegetarian food to the tourist in a cordial ambience at sensible rates. Dishes are savoury and serve with excellent service. Café, Burmese, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options is a place for crisp juice, tealeaf/ avocado/tomato lettuce, vermiceli vegetables and some exquisite dishes such as barbecued cheesesandwich, yummy noodles, etc...

It' one of the most popular Burma restaurants in the whole nation. There is a wide variety of food for the tourist to enjoy at good rates and with good service. The Hpa An Lodge is a wide selection of high class European and Asiatic food. It' pleasant to enjoy a yummy dinner with a yummy drink in a very pleasant ambience.

It is a favourite place for foreigners and local people. They serve sensible cuisine from China. The travellers can indulge themselves with Co Co Co Food & Drink in a quiet and romantically musical setting, prepared well. The restaurant offers Myanmar, China and Thai cuisine. At the end of the meal, visitors can try pies, doughnuts, biscuits and more.

Visitors to Linn Thiri cannot do without traditional food such as chickens, sweets, sour meat, kang kong and other exquisite cuisine. The restaurant also offers a wide range of cake, biscuits and baked goods at reasonable prices. The Yadanar 2 is a renowned restaurant in Hpa An that offers yummy shan pasta, soup, dumplings and beautiful limefishes.

The Khit Thit Restaurant offers the tourist a variety of delicious tasty and nutritious meals. Pricing is appropriate for the respective area.

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