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View the latest videos from Rave Republic of Myanmar. Claimants must be citizens of the Republic of Myanmar and reside in the Republic of Myanmar at the time of application. Health and vaccination advice for Myanmar (formerly Burma) THE REPUBLIC OF THE MYANMAR UNION. Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Afghanistan. H.

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Myanmar Republic Office of the President Announcement 3/2018

As part of its Rakhine Intergovernmental Commission on Conciliation, Peacemaking, Stabilityandbuilding, the Government of the Republic of Myanmar has appointed an independent commission of inquiry. The interim recommendations of the Advisory Council to the Committee for the Rakhine State Committee were also taken into account in this ruling.

In the aftermath of the acts of terrorism by Argos, the Independent Commission will examine the violations of fundamental freedoms and related questions. There will be three members of the Commission, one of whom will be an internationally recognised figure. The firm is supported by domestic and foreign law and technology specialists.

Czech Republic Mission in Yangon, Myanmar

I' m off the outreach work. of Myanmar, Bohemia: Yangon is the only representative office of the Republic of the Republic in Myanmar. Burma in the CR: At the moment Myanmar has no official representative office in the Czechs. of Myanmar, Bohemia: Yangon is the only representative office of the Republic of the Republic in Myanmar.

Burma in the Czech Republic: At present Myanmar has no official representative office or consulate in the Czech Republic. If you have any queries regarding visas and passports, please do not hesitate to ask the Yangon Ambassador. Notice that the message may not be able to help. To check the office and opening times, please get in touch with the Swiss Federalassy.


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