Rent Motorbike Yangon

Motorcycle rental Yangon

I' d rather travel alone, without a guide or rider, and a motorcycle seems to be the best option. What's the situation with car rental in Yangon? The Top 5 Best Motorbike Rental Companies in Yangon

When you will one day be in Yangon, Myanmar, do not think that your only means of getting around are pedestrians and transportation. They can always rent a motorbike from some of the locals and experience this great place for themselves. Motorbike is an environmentally sound mode of transportation that gives you more of an impression.

Find instructions on how to find the most affordable and favourite motorbike rents in Yangon. Locate the best offers for motorbike charter in Yangon; check motorbike charter rates; see former customer ratings; rent a motorbike with the best value warranty! The majority of our motorbike renters have many years of motorbike renting experiences and offer you a new motorbike, a comprehensive motorbike policy and a pleasant and pleasant aftersaleservice.

The number of firms that count every single business days, so if you want to rent a motorbike in Yangon, just use the find buttons above.

Torun Tree - Motorbike rental Yangon and Mandalay

Motorbikes are forbidden in Yangon except for a few government employees, so no chances. LP generics sites say it is possible in Mandalay: "It is sometimes possible to rent a motorcycle, although few local people do. For example, in Mandalay it costs about $10 a motorcycle to rent per night, while in Myitkyina it costs about $17".

However: The information on these pages is usually not 100% accurate (plus I only payed $7 for a default rent in Myitkyina a few years ago, the price has not increased so much). In Mandalay you may find one; you need to ask, there is no "We rent to foreigners" store to go to.

Renting - What is the cost class to rent a motorcycle in Myanmar for a whole year?

The Ridetheworld site listings include two Myanmar motorbike rentals, although I'm not sure it's correct. The Mandalay Motorbike Hire service starts at about US$8 per night. The Myanmar Bike Rentals offer scooter from about US$5 per daily. Three-year-old threads on the desert island claim that renting motorbikes for Myanmar residents is against the law.

Gymyanmar provides useful information about riding a motorcycle in Myanmar and says that the use of motorcycles is not legal in some areas: When you are looking for roadside fun, many parts of Myanmar are best discovered by motorcycle. Self-driving is not possible, so motorcycles provide the opportunity to travel long distances on your own timetable and gain entry to parts of Myanmar that often have rugged streets.

Motorcycles are easy and inexpensive to rent in most parts of the Netherlands and usually cost around 10,000 K per night. Motorbike rental is available in most large and medium-sized cities (and all important touristic places except Bagan); it is usually easiest to ask at your hotels or guesthouses. The use of motorcycles in Yangon is forbidden (some local people get a temporary permit).

The use of motorcycles in Bagan is not admissible for international visitors (however, e-bikes and cycles are allowed).

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