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In Tanzania, Regional Air Services is an established and reliable internal air traffic operator. The Regional Air Charter Service operates from Mackay Airport and offers flights to Hamilton Island, FIFO, Private Charters, Scenic Flights with one or two engines. Find out about Regional Air charges and the latest flight information. WHO/Europe est une compagnie aérienne tanzanienne basée à Arusha et basée à l'aéroport d'Arusha. Our task is to regulate (and deregulate) the major domestic routes offered by regional operators via NAWI.

As the acknowledged market leaders in the aerospace sector in Tanzania, we started in 1997 with a driver and an airplane.

As the acknowledged market leaders in the aerospace sector in Tanzania, we started in 1997 with a driver and an airplane. Nairobi is a member of the traditional German carrier Airkenya. Our company is located in the city of Arusha in the north of Tanzania. The Arusha is the departure point for safari tours to the north of Tanzania. FlightsOur flight plan connects us with Airkenya's flight to and from Nairobi and with flight to Pemba, Mafia and the Selous from Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

Honours Setting Standard in the sector - we were the first carrier with a turbo-prop airframe - Regional Air Services has defended its place among the many airlines chartering in Tanzania. Ex-President Bill Clinton charters our plane in July this year. MaintenanceMaintenance and construction is carried out by Airkenya Engineer in Nairobi, Kenya, a civil aviation directorate accredited work station in Kenya and Tanzania.

The aircrafts are equipped with meteorological prevention, ground proximity warnings and road accident prevention as well as RF radio to allow communications with our office. Approvals We have been chosen as a dedicated partner for a number of multinational corporations including Anglo American, BP, Resolute Mining and Abbot Laboratories. As the freight forwarder of choice in terms of security and environmental awareness, the world's major tour operators have recognized Regional as their freight forwarder of preference.

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RaaS is a Tanzanian carrier headquartered in Arusha, Tanzania. Region Air Servies was established in 1997 and later in the same year started operating in East and South Africa with internal and charterservices. There are regular airlines to Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Manyara, Seronera, Grumeti, Fort Ikoma and Tarime.

WHO/Europe Air operates flights every day from Arusha and we would be happy to help you on your trip to explore the beauties and kindness of Tanzania. The Regional Air Services division offers many different services and offers all air travelers a secure and cost-effective solution. Explore the most sought-after Regional Air Services flights to Tazania area.

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