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Spinel red

The spinel is best known for its deep red variety, which is very similar to the ruby. Certain spinel colors are rarer and more valuable than others. The red spinel is often used instead of the ruby and is considered a higher class. Both of the dark red spinels shown below have a similar color, but one is much more magnetic than the other. Refer to the table under "Spinel grades" below.

Jewel Rubin Spinel Information and images

Spinell is a jewel available in different colours. Spinel is colourless, but contamination is the cause of the broad colour palette. While the most precious and coveted spinel colour is a rich red, precious gems are also found in blues, yellows, oranges, purples and pinks. Spinel is often fluorescing in ultra-violet rays, which can be useful for identifying.

Delicate red spinel is actually more rare than ruby of the same colour. However it is an underrated jewel, with its costs being about 30% lower than equivalent ruby. It is the shortage of good spinel that is the cause of its low level of interest and unpopularity. There is a very restricted range of gems available, and therefore jewellery firms and stone dealers do not really sell this precious stone to the consumers.

In this way, spinel does not become a major gem. Spinell is easy to synthesise and can be brought into any colour by the addition of soiling. It is often imitated to simulate many other gems such as diamond, sapphire and zircon. Due to the excess of spinel you always have to take care to buy this gem only from well-known merchants.

Nearly all colourless spinel gems are synthetically, as they seldom occur colourless in the wild. It is the most valuable and a very good replacement for Ruby. Spinel is also an important rose gem. It is an opal type of pleonast that has a good shine and is used as a gem.

Light to deep navy shades of spinel. Flame-spinel - Strawberry to orange-red spinel. Gahno-spinel - Zinc-rich spinel, usually with a deep foliage to greenish-black discolour.

Picotit - Brown spinel shape. Opaque, deep purple or purple to purple spinel. rubicle - Yellow to yellow spinel shape. Ruby-spinel - Ruby-red version of the spinel. Spinell natural gems are not processed or refined. Burma produces the most prominent spinel in terms of dimensions, colour and sophistication.

Further gemstone spinel resources include Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tanzania and Madagascar. The red spinel can look the same as ruby. However spinel is usually brighter in colour, and the deeper red spinel is usually more of a tile red then the red of ruby, which has a light bluish or mauve colour.

But only the visual characteristics and firmness can really differentiate these two gems. The red spinel can also be similar to red tourmaline and the deep red spinel to garnet. The blue spinel can be similar to zirconium, topaz and sapphire; and rose spinel can be similar to morganite, rose topaz and rose tourmaline. Lilac spinel can look similar to amethyst, although spinel is usually blueer than amethyst.

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