Red Ruby Myanmar

Myanmar Red Ruby

If only the most luxuriant red rubies are sufficient for a special setting, the gems harvested from Burma are almost impossible to surpass. Everything about rubies from Burma If only the most luxuriant red jewels are sufficient for a particular jewel set, the gems from Burma are almost unsurpassable. Whereas the July natal stone is found all over the globe, africa, australia and america included, Myanmar robin, formerly known as Burma, is usually the most beautiful.

Damned ruby of blood: In Burma's violent jewelry business.

Under a gray moonlit sky, the Mandalay Strait is as heavy as a spirit turning away from the platform and plunging into the bottom of the dale. Our old Datsun is crawling through the darkness, with dim lights to prevent patrolling the armies, while we look for vital signals in the backcountry of Burma.

They squat on the cliffy shore and risk everything; they scrounge after lethal bits and pieces from the soldier junta's desk. Well-known for their powerful fluorescent properties, Myanmar jewels - the most precious gemstones per carats in the hemisphere - are valued all over the globe for their clearness, intrinsic qualities and above all for their rich red colour "pigeon blood".

Nowhere else in the world are there such jewels. At the same token, however, valuable gemstones that have been quarried to finance army regime seem to have lost the same degree of internationality. Obama's move came when the Burmese army Junta said its first open election in two decade-long runs will take place on November 7.

Situated above the valleys where we are, small churches and castles, some glittering whites of granite, nestle against the city. In Mogok there are as big as your fists, but the way down into the valleys is impossible," says our rider. Mogok' shut, sire. We arrived at our dead end with the rider near the Nams├Ęka community, 15 km southwards of Mogok in the Nampai Riverine.

It' s unbelievable exhausting to get precious stones out of the soil in this world. Less weighty rubbish is flushed into the underlying valleys, where it is collected by han. You tell the folks in the valleys to go digging for them. They work in landmines down in the valleys.

In the depths of the valleys there are military encampments where inmates, among them even kids, work for the troops in the smallest mines. That is why they need the young people. We' had some passers-by, but this valley's shut down now. but it might not just be a ruby.

Nowadays, the military regime is directly involved in many landmines, in some cases through collaborative partnerships with privately owned companies, which themselves are often related to the elder genel. There, tens of thousand of sapphires, diamonds, sapphires, jades and other gemstones glisten in long showcases, while civil servants are preparing to bargain with the gathered professionals.

Here the Ruby of Mogok are for sale to the whole planet. Today Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore together with India and China are Burma's most important trade partners," says Debbie Stothard of the Alternative Association of Southeast Asian Nations Network on Burma. Here are rubies," says Myint, who is no older than 12 years.

As we begin to get more information from the adult miner supervisors, we find that literally speaking, literally speaking, literally thousands of workers working in the stone pits here and further up in the northern hemisphere are still alive from Burma's infamous work camp. In the last ten years, up to one million Burmese have been banned from militarily operated landmines, satellites and labor depots to construct landfills, watering stations, and pipeline networks for crude fuel, natural resources and natural resources.

We were arrested from the landmines and said we were working for the army now. All of us are dreaming of discovering a ruby the sizes of our hands and fleeing across the Thai-Band.

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