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Spoil your friends and employees with the ultimate holiday party this year. A co-worker and I were on a business trip recently. Salt Lake City, UT. Newest tweets from Red Rock Brewing Co. The Red Rock Brewing Co.

is only a few blocks from all hotels in the city centre and the Salt Palace Convention Center.

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The Red Rock Brewing Company

More than twenty years of delicious food, artisan ale and good company! 23 years ago, we started brewing our unmistakable artisanal ales in Salt Lake City City. This makes us one of the forerunners of the Utah artisan brewery industry. The Red Rock Brewing Co. is only a few steps away from all inner city and Salt Palace Convention Center properties.

The Red Rock Brewing is family-friendly and offers a meal for every tast. There is a wide range of artisanal draught lager and six different high gravities such as our best-selling ABV 8.5% ABV (Double IPA), 10.1% ABV (Russian Imperial Stout) and 9.5% ABV (Anniversary Imperial Red Ale)....all in our large 500 ml British brand.

Stop by and see why the natives like Red Rock! It was a very enjoyable experience, as both the beer and the meal were delicious. Both the Cobb lettuce and the mgarita were very good and the beer is..... There' s a great deal to be loved about Red Rock Brewing and this is their first venue, which is something very unique and has a great atmosphere.

That'?s very good one. And I had a peanut burgers on my first visit, and they were delectable. Also my second visit with my dessert was great. It was a place I liked, the meal was great and the services were even better! Exceptional variety and everyone in our group said that their decision was the best!

Dinner was very good - I had a Po'boy, my man had a private slice of custard and my boy had the Mio.

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