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Biggest earthquake in Myanmar: today: Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires (OCHA), sagte AFP Nachrichtenagentur. Obtain the weather forecast for Myanmar. A view from a camp in Myanmar - a family Even before the recent escalation of the crisis in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, conditions were tense and crowded. A leading trademark law firm in Myanmar.

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According to the International Transport Workers Federation, the crews were detained on board the boat for 17 month. Norvegian proprietor gains deals from Totally and Eni off Myanmar. in Yangon, Myanmar. CoscoscoCS tanker ships transport crude for the China-Myanmar pipelinesject. It is Peter Livano's supported liquefied natural gas tanker with the aim of completing the second swimming tanker by year-end.

The Greek company scuezmax is delivering the first load to the gas pipelines to reduce its dependency on the Strait of Malacca. Burmese backed proprietor is taking new container ship crash sells to five with latest sells. It is feared by the World Maritime Federation that the recent changes will cause disarray. Maersk Line's Intra-Asia branch, MCC Transport, has launched a new scheduled route between China and Myanmar.

as the Kachin clash flared up.

MyITKYINA, Myanmar - Mother of two Ah Chang and her wife were torn from their slumber when shots destroyed the tranquility of the Nightrun. When they hit their homes, the rounds desperate for shelter as Myanmar's forces and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) combatants fought outside the town last July. As the sun set and the fights ended, her man carefully dared to go outside, only to be held together with some other men by Myanmar men who had just arrived in the town.

"One little kid was shot deadly, his mom was hurt in the ankle and her man was bled from his stomach," she recently said in an internal refugee camps in Myitkyina, where she and her wife and daughter now are. A total of five village inhabitants were hurt and a two-year-old kid was murdered during the shooting near Ting Kok, which spans the major intersection of Tanai City and Myitkyina, the capitol of Kachin, Myanmar's northmost state.

"One little kid was killed, his mom was hurt. "Once the army had seized the town, the 25 community members, most of them Rawang and Lisu peasants, who grow paddy fields and oranges, were detained for about 12 hrs before all of them - among them the arrested men - were set free and taken to Myitkyina.

Nearly 700,000 Rohingya migrants fleeing the violent situation in the north of Myanmar's Rakhine State last August to neighboring Bangladesh have made worldwide news. However, the people of Ting Kok are the last to join some 107,000 cavalry evicted by the Myanmar war.

In Kachin and the adjacent north of Shan State, they are in warehouses after a 17-year cease-fire between the KIA and the US forces broke down in 2011. Myanmar's people, who are divided into different groups, have been suffering from decade-long conflicts between the country's armies and various ethnical groups that require local and autonomous politics.

In Myitkyina, an Armenian clinic was used to treat the wounded village people of Ting Kok, while a small suburban chapel provided accommodation for the expelled family. In the meantime, she said, some village people had returned to inspect their houses and farmhouses just to find that they had been plundered and destroyed. The battle first expanded to the Tanai Township in Kachin last year, after the armed forces promised to launch missions to clear uncontrolled gold and mine gold and gold deposits in KIA-controlled areas.

In mid-2017 and again in February this year, several hundred village inhabitants and several thousand mineworkers and their homes were evicted. These new displacements and resettlements take place on a regular basis in North Burma, where the conflicts have been spreading and increasing in incidence and severity since 2016 despite a continuing countrywide peacemaking operation.

"For the civilian population affected by the conflict, we urge the defence of fundamental freedoms. "In addition, better accessibility to relief supplies is needed, as refugee homes often have to spend long hours hiding in the woods without shelters, supplies or medicines before they can achieve security," he added. Since 2016, UN organizations and their respective counterparts have greatly restricted civilian displacement in areas under government and KIA control, as government officials have greatly restricted permits to operate humanitarily for reasons of insecurity.

At Ka Bu Dam the expulsion and the use of force has caused profound psychological scarring in the family. "A number of deaths have occurred here," said Mana Di, a minister in the parish that houses the encampment. Aha Chang's neighbour, the 42-year-old mum whose baby was murdered, was seen in the warehouse taking care of her two surviving children and recuperating from a bullet hole in her lefthand ankles.

Retired and depressed, she said she could not remember what was happening to her wife and daughter during the fights near Ting Kok. Some of the titles in this history have been modified for safety purposes.

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