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The Real Fitness is an exclusive gymnastics chain located in the heart of Yangon. Myanmar's Facebook has done real damage. Burma is closely linked to natural resources such as jade, rubies and teak. Genuine owners of Myanmar's oil and gas blocks are coming forward. Take your idea to the real world.


Our offers include shop packages at very competitive rates. We are also specialised in organising your own customised countryside trip with a personalised hire vehicle with your own vehicle operator. As one of the first Myanmar/Burma based firms we launched our own privately owned vehicle hire in 2012. Our aim is to encourage the development of sustainability in the tourist industry and, above all, to help businesses.

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I' m considering to book a journey with the'real myanmar' travel agencies. We were in Myanmar last for five nights. This whole journey was scheduled by the "real Myanmar" travel agent. Everything seemed to be on course and ran without a hitch until the journey itself! Several things were promised to us, such as fully adjustable seat in the vehicle (for these 7-hour trips) and an English-speaking chauffeur to join us on the journey they had made for us as a'tour guide'.

As well as not speaking English, the rider did not intend to be our guidebay. As we tried to have a talk with the travel agent at the airfield before we left, we were threatened both by the drivers and the travel agent on the telephone.

Briefly, if you are considering a journey to Myanmar, I would not recommend this travel agent.....

How is the real and impartial Rohingya crises in Myanmar?

Rohingya were the indigenous people of India and eastern Bangladesh who were sent to Southeast Asia for colonization by the colonies of Britain, etc. before independence. Rohingyas' predicament is similar to that of the Tamils in Rhilanka. 1982 the Burmese General Ne Win administration passed the Burmese Aliens Act, which does not recognise the Rohingya as one of the eight "national races" and abolishes the Rohingyas civic laws.....

The 1982 General Ne Win administration passed the Burmese Citizenship Act, which did not recognise the Rohingyas as one of the eight "national races", and the UN made Rohingyas one of the most oppressed minority groups in the run. Ignore the fact that a certain percent of the Rhingya populations are Hundu. RAHINGYA's terms and regulations in Myanmar were cross-referenced with those of apartheid.

Recently there have been massacres in Mayanmar and ten thousand Rohingyas have emigrated to Bangladesh. Her life is under threat, the fighters rape the wives, the men are executed for no good cause, but there is still no one to speak out against her, and the politicians still prefer their state.

Rohingya's step to identification and planning her expulsion came from the federal administration, even though the application against the expulsion is still being examined before the Supreme Court.

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