Real Ghost in Myanmar

True Spirit in Myanmar

Suddenly you are shaken awake by the dreaded bump in the night. He would have been informed of my arrival if these documents were real. The iron-eating stone is in Myanmar. It became clear to me that the people there have a real stoic perseverance. Let your friends believe that you have a real ghost in your picture!

Spirits in the middle of the wreck in Myanmar

ANGKOK - Almost four month after the cyclone, the Irrawaddy Delta in Myanmar is a shallow, murky ruined area inhabited by dizzy remnants, buried solids and vision of migrating, wailing spirits. It seems that the area has prevented widespread famine and epidemics, and the population is reconstructing their fragile life in this huge and often submerged swamp, where the line between life and die has always been thin.

Inside this thin edge, new attendees say, many of the survivors seem to have shed their sparks of live, and some of the corpses do not seem to have already vanished as they frequent the mind of those they leave behind. "There' s tiredness in people's eyes," said a journalist who recorded the consequences of Cyclone Nargis, which hit on May 3.

"Humans are tired in body, mind and soul. "Following an uproar on the part of the world over the government's reluctance to accept immigrants, a strictly monitored system has been put in place and assistance reaches much of the area where the United Nations says 2. Four million were affected. According to the UN, the hurricane caused 138,000 deaths or disappearances and 800,000 homelessness after violent wind and a tidal wave similar to a tidal wave.

This year' s growing seasons are now over for the surviving crops, and pundits say it may take more than a year for many to see their next proper year. Despite some rebuilding of buildings and some cultivation of land, the deltas remain a view of ruins and rubble, where man and animals' bone and the last decaying objects still accumulate at the edge of the canals.

Fantastic histories are circulating among the victims, the filmmaker said, and woven a wall hanging of tapestries from this and the next time. There' s the history of the kid who lived by clutching on the back of a alligator and the history of the boat load of men who were running aground at low water and waited for the mud to come up, encircled by beached cadavers.

There' s the tale of the mom who was reunified with her infant after it was wiped away in a washing tub, and the tale of the lady who dragged her infant out of the clonen. There are tales of migrating spirits whose calls for help can be heared in cursed places at nights, which no villagers dare to step into.

Under these ghosts and trauma, however, humanitarian helpers have become the life blood of the victims, providing assistance to the remotest parts of the world. Over 1,800 visa applications have been made to these workmen, say auxiliaries, although entry to the hard-hit river valley is being hampered by an increasingly complex procedure of permits and red tape.

Meanwhile, most of the victims have been helped, said Andrew Kirkwood, regional manager of Save the Children. "However, very few have been given enough help to get them through the next three month, and almost no one has been given enough help to help them reconstruct their own life.

" It said that the rebuilding of fully operational colleges, hospitals and other infrastructures was still delayed due to a delay in the delivery of essential relief. In the first three decisive months after the hurricane, the hostile Myanmar bombing militia stopped extensive supplies of relief supplies and then only slowly and partly relaxed its checks.

However, despite early calls from around the globe for the United Nations to allow open delivery of relief, almost half of the pledges made by overseas donor agencies have not yet been made. She recently said she had $339 million in global contributions, a $300 million deficit.

However, the Irrawaddy Delta has always been a difficult place to live because 8 out of 10 homes lived in extreme poverty even before the hurricane, according to Sava the Children. The hardship of today's lives may not differ so much for many individuals from the hardship of all time.

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