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Receive the latest reading, Berkshire and surrounding news, sports and entertainment. ressReader is a complete magazine, newspaper and corporate reading solution for satellite networking. Newspaper reading is a good habit that can have a great educational value. " Newspaper theft on the increase, new law in progress." When I was a kid, I used to read the paper every morning.

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In Reading it has not been raining for 35 working nights..... Fernandez Joaquin Fernandez passed away on October 18, 2016..... Officials are hunting for at least two men after the Cloister Mews outbreak..... Policemen are chasing two men who have taken a girl into an alley and violated her..... It was at 9 a.m. on a six-car line coach.....

Have a look at the forecast for the coming weeks..... Family of the Year nominations for Kate Doe and Jordan Fox in the Pride of Reading Awards.... It lasts four and a half day..... Every construction site in Reading this weeks.....

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The Thames Valley Police were summoned on 3 July when a member of the general population found the remnants of the Thames Valley Park. "The spokesperson said the sea level had risen again this forenoon. "We pump 25% more into the domestic grid to cover the growing demands, but at busy periods there is still a decrease in human sight.

Worked with Spaniard Manuel Gomez de Sola, who on the first two days of an investigation in Reading said he picked up elevator deactivation devices when he hears" a noise" that he said he now believed the elevator door closed. According to policemen, the body was assaulted in the early Sunday mornings.

Gemma Davison has signed up for the Reading Women's Super League next year after she left Chelsea. Davison, 31 years old, was a member of Chelsea's Liga and FA Cup one-two winners last year and also won the WSL-1 championship with former Liverpool outfit. "Reading was by far the hardest side I had to face last season," she said.

Lesemanagerin Kelly Chambers added: "Gemma is a great gambler who will be an excellent complement to our team. Gemma Davison is joining next season's Reading Women's Super League after she leaves Chelsea. Oracle Center in Reading was shut down for one full working days after a suspect object was found.

After the prison was shut down in 2013, the goverment has spent 250,000 a year to operate the empty school. She added: "The former reading prison is a monument, the oldest type of monument conservation. "The Reading Prison's plans for its further evolution were supported by its own regional authorities.

The Henley Royal Regatta on the bank of the Thames is where the strange and beautiful rudder spar. The Thames Valley Police has revised its estimates for the complete re-opening of the London M4 between Junction 6 and 5 to "several hours". Tracks two and three out of three stay blocked between intersections 6 and 5, with intersections one and the verge now being used by traffickers to get through the area.

Transport uses part of the side strip and the driveway to get past the scenes - resulting in a delay of about 60 mins. Journey off point 5 is off-limits to transport managers. No deaths, say the policemen, and the street is supposed to be reopened by 11:00BST.

According to reports by local law enforcement, it was a truck, a Peugeot van and a Toyota Auris. Toyota rider, a 43-year-old man from Reading, was declared deceased at the crime scenes. Perpetrators are throwing cylinders, tins and smoking nukes after the Reading Olympics, the pdd. Policing appeals to the witness during some difficulties in Reading, during earlier England fixtures at the World Cup.

A minimum of 200 plots in parts of Eastern Reading, Sonning, Earley and Woodley were without fresh waters today. The Sonning primary was compelled to shut down due to the shortage of hydro. The disturbance was due to a ruptured tap in Thames Valley Park, but is now back to normality, Thames says.

The Friar Street is closing at 5 pm. They have also issued warnings that those who behave anti-socially will be prosecuted. The Reading University is one of several British colleges that offer help to the refugee by providing grants for applicants for asylum. One programme providing 14 grants for Reading residents has made some of us ill.

Broken plumbing has caused a lack of fresh air in parts of Reading. When the Thames Waters said that they had turned off a tube in Thames Valley Park this mornings, they were working with Network Rail to repair the tube near the railroad. The spokesperson said that there had been "supply interruptions", but the pressure had returned to norm.

The Sonning Primary School is shut down because it has no entrance to the sea. During the heat wave, high demands for drinking and drinking mean that some Thames Waters clients have no reading areas with low pressures or low watermark. The improvement in the illumination of the M4 intersections means that there will be traffic blockades this weekend.

A329( "M) Reading-bound" exits at intersection 10 will be blocked over night, between 21:00 and 06:00 hrs until Friday. On the 13th intersection to Chieveley, the western and eastern exits and all other access routes will be blocked over night until Friday.

The Surrey police provide in-house assistance service to the victim of theft. Programs are currently available in the framework of a relationship with Sussex and up to this year with the Thames Valley Police. Preveen Linga and Vasile Vrofte reject sexual assaults and false imprisonment of a women in Reading.

Read character goal keeper Rachael Laws from Sunderland, while Midfield player Remi Allen signed a new contract with the team. The prognosticators have triggered the alarm and are expecting the heat wave to continue until 21:00 hrs. of heat in the morning, but the temperature will remain above 20°C for the remainder of the weeks. This is the first heat wave alarm to be given this year.

This man is not yet known and the local authorities have raised their profile. Lord Blair asked if the Slough population felt that they were representative of the PCC of the Thames Valley, which is situated in Kidlington. However Thames Valleys PCC Anthony Stansfeld was defending his part and said he was in contact with officials across his stain.

Because of the warm climate, a tota l 450 million liters of groundwater are injected into the Berkshire area. According to Thames Waters, the additional supplies will suffice for another 800,000 households after the demand for drinking during the heat wave has soared. Mr Thames told me that the bad wheather had created problems, but there were no prohibitions to prevent the use of hoses.

After Dark Club in Reading hosted Radiohead, Supergrass and Shed Seven.

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