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Koh Samet, Thailand; Pros & Cons; good bad & ugly on Koh Samet. The Mae Pim Beach, Rayong, Thailand, has the most popular beach restaurants and seafood markets on this coast. Rayong is little known among foreigners and a popular Thai lido.

Activities in Rayong, Thailand: The province of Rayong is a province (changwat) of Thailand.

rayong-city - everything you need to know about rayong city

Just two hour drive from Bangkok, Rayong City is a favourite excursion spot for city vacationers who enjoy a quieter seaside environment than the near tourist town of Pattaya. If you continue to Koh Samet you will also find the ideal starting point in Rayong City, as it is possible to do some grocery shopping in Baan Pae before jumping on a speed boat or boat.

A 45-minute trip by boat from Koh Samet makes the town feel like a whole lot of itself. Bangkok's young residents often come here to sample a good shellfish menu or grab their feet in the smooth golden sands before returning with a lungs full of breath.

Baan Pae is a starting point for exploring the countryside and the ocean with long-distance coach stations, ferries, eating stands and a vibrant handicraft and shellfish markets. Perhaps the second most visited destination after Baan Pae, Laem Mae Pim is an excellent place to relax, with a number of restaurants on the beach and quiet, welcoming water.

Had Suan Son, lined by cularina and considered one of Thailand's most scenic beachside streets, is another beloved tourist destination just four kilometres from Baan Pae. Further interior features are Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Herbal Park, Sopha Arboretum and Rayong Aquarium. rayong-juice is never scarce in delicious shellfish. Baan Pae, with its lively shellfish markets, is one of the best places to enjoy a portion of fresh-eaten shrimp, shrimp and the ever-popular seabass with lime-ginger sauces.

More known for its shady beach and transparent ocean than for its night life. But that doesn't mean there aren't any; a one kilometre long Ratbamrung Road, which parallels the Sukhumvit Hauptstra├če in the center of the town, is home to a large variety of discos, clubs, bars and night clubs with shows and striptease people.

If you are looking for a concert or DJ, visit the Rayong Brewery in the same road, nearer the Rayong Hospital. There are also a number of discos, cafes, bars as well as a number of bar and karate lounge facilities. Rayong is one of the best places to take home new and other tropic crops such as crisps, mangos and candies.

The Baan Pae is the place for living or prepared shellfish and shellfish memories. Rayong's two specialities for handcrafted handicraft are handcrafted crystals and rush decoration items - matting, wallets, handbags as well as caps. The beach restaurans and shaded sands are more famous than the ones at the aquatic sport, the Rayong sands are quiet and relatively free of large people.

Golfers will find a haven among Rayongs range of well-designed courses, includ-ing the 72-par Championships course at St. Andrews in 2000 Golf and Country Club and the Eastern Star Country Club. There are several bus routes within Rayong City between favourite travel locations. The ferry service to Koh Samet departs the Baan Pae Pier every hour from 09:00 to 17:00 and stops at important resorts such as Sai Gaew, Ao Thaptim, Ao Phai, Ao Wong Duen and Ao Wai.

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