Ranong to Kawthaung

Yangtze after Kawthaung

Tips and useful information about visiting Myanmar. Visas run in southern Thailand, Ranong to Kawthaung an easy and accessible option. Ranong to Kawthaung. Border crossing from Thailand to Myanmar

This is the first incident to cross the Ranong (Thailand) - Kawthaung (Myanmar) frontier. I reached Ranong after 6 hrs on the coach for 225 Baht (5. 6?). This is the period from Phuket City ( "Bushof 2") to Ranong. I spent the evening in a guesthouse near the Kiwi Obstgarten near the main train stop, 200 baht (5?) per room per day.

It'?s quite an easy place, but enough for one good only. Once I got settled and began to check what was to see in Myanmar, what route to take and so on (no, I hadn't thought of anything yet), I began to sense some moths in my belly. So I decided to run to the harbour and see what was happening around Ranong before I came to Myanmar.

This town has expanded around the frontier and offers a range of local service. Looks like no one's coming to Myanmar from there, and they' re just coming to get visas. When I got there, I postmarked my pass with the departure postmark from Thailand and searched for a way to overpass. When I negotiated with a fellow, I got my lift for 100 baht (2. 5?, he asked me 300 bathrooms, 3x more!).

It was a rather chaotic harbour with so many old ships that offered the passage. There and on the ship I spoke with the locals, there were about 20 others and everyone wanted to apply for a Myanmar permit. As a matter of fact, I was the only one who crossed and stayed there. Thirty ( "Myanmar is half an hours shorter than Thailand) and as soon as I got my seal, a leader began to speak to me in English.

To the question, what am I planning to do, if I want to stay one day in Kawthaung and these like. There were some viewpoints, a pagoda and a small overnight fair, but the lodging was quite high. So, I decide to move to the next town, Myeik. This is a photo with the price of Kawthaung to other goals (sorry for the poor workmanship, I had to do it fast).

At the 4. ATM I was able to get cash, the remainder did not work and by the way there is a provision of 6.500 KYAT (? 4.5) to get it. I' d been reading that there were no cash machines in Myanmar in 2013, but there's nothing to be concerned about.

When I think back to the leader who was helping me, I don't know why I didn't ask him for some cash for everything he did for me, but since there were no tourists and everyone was so kind at the limit, I thought that it could be a frontier services to take charge of the tourist and grow the land's capacity, naively of me.

Sometime and when he was offering me a trip through the town before the coach left, I simply asked: free? I don't know. And he just said it to me: Telling him that it was too much and that I would go to the "bus station" (quote, because he doesn't look like a coach terminal, but like an agency).

So, if you cross that line, watch out for these super-nice boys who are willing to help you, they won't do all these favors for nothing. Afterwards I had the opportunity to see a little more of the town. So I went to the "bus station" and was there. Although the leader said to me that this was the only coach terminal in the town, I saw some big busses on the way to Myeik, so I think strongly that there could be a big buss terminal in Kawthaung and that this was only an agent where they got a kick.

When you have a moment in Kawthaung, I urge you to look for it and tell us the hints in the commentaries below. As I waited there, I began to feel what Myanmar would be about. Simultaneously, a cell shop played really high volumes of sound.

I later learned that the Myanmar wireless communications industry is growing, so there are some businesses that are trying to draw the interest of new clients with every kind of show. Do not miss the next installment of Diary of Myanmar if you want to know how the journey ended!

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