Ranong Kawthaung Border Crossing

Ranong Kawthaung border crossing

Rangong towards Kawthaung border crossing Crossing the border from Thailand to Myanmar is quick and easy today - find out how to get the Ranong to Kawthaung Border. We have 4 border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar: It was very easy. Remember to take out tourist health cover before every journey to Myanmar.

Take your pass and exit forms to the Saaphan Pla Peninsula Ranong Check-in Desk. You will be asked for a barge - mine asked me how much I wanted to buy, I asked him for the cost, he said 300 Bt / $9, I asked for 100 Bt / $3 and he found me a cat.

He held at another immigration point on the waters where Thai passes were kept for stamping. Next to it was a customs inspection. And all the passes, even mine, were taken to a check point on the waters of Myanmar. Kawthoung is about 30 min. away, where many tugs and motorcyclists are awaiting you.

A few mins later you will arrive at Myanmar Immigration - it is open from 7:00 to 17:30. One police officer was posing for pictures instead of erasing them (e.g. when I went from Armenia to Azerbaijan): One officer gave me 5 bahts / $0. 15 to go and make a copy of my residency card and visa:

English language tours will give you a route description and wait for you to leave the offices to suggest a cab trip, accommodation, guide or activities in Kawthaung. After I got puzzled about my exchange rate, I took a motorbike to Penguin Hospitality, one of the top 4 budgeted in Kawthaung. This trip was 60 bahts / $1. 80 if it should have been about 20 bahts / $0. 60 or less.

For many years, the Ranong-Kawthong crossing has been a favourite tourist destination for visas. It was also possible to spend a few days or weeks in Kawthoung or to continue to Yangon by air. From August 2013, passengers will also be able to take a speed boat and coach to Myeik, Dawei and beyond.

Lonely Planet's Myanmar Travel Guide is also recommended to help you organize your journey. Bienvenidos in Kawthaung! Do you like to read Kawthaung Border Crossing to Myanmar by boat? Did you cross the Myanmar border by road?

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