Rangoon Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Yangon Myanmar

Our guide tells you when is the best time to travel to Yangon (Rangoon), the former capital of Burma. Burma (pronounced mee-an-mar) is their own name for their country. Advice for expatriates: Move to Yangon, Myanmar - World. 10 things to do in Yangon this week. YANGON GEOLOGY (RANGOON) COMPILATION FILE OF MYO AUNG GEOLOGIST MYANMAR.

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Myanmar's capital Rangoon was built in the sixth A. D., when it was a fishermen's settlement populated by the Mon and known as Dagon. The British confiscated it in 1824, in the First Anglo-Burmese War, and named it Rangoon. The country was re-named Yangon by the new army leaders when Burma was re-named Myanmar.

Amidst Burma's traditionally wooded architecture, the UK constructed stately administrative complexes such as Rangoon University and Rangoon General Hospital, and as the town flourished from commercial activity, prosperous neighborhoods with large mansions in green areas just off Royal Lake and Inya Lake emerged. With Burma's 1948 independent status, the roads were re-named from Britain to Burma, but apart from its increasing stature, everything has remained largely the same to this date, except that Rangoon is no longer the country's capitol.

Militaries are developing a new administration capitol in Naypyidaw, 200 nautical mile ( "322 km") south of Rangoon. The majority of our guests make their way to the city's and Myanmar's most important religious site, the Shwedagon Paya (Pagoda) or Golden Pagoda of the Myanmar tribe.

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Today Yangon is Myanmar's largest town and the scene of the impressive, purely golden Shwedagon Pagoda. According to legends, Shwedagon Pagoda is 2,500 years old, starting with the story of two Burma merchants who were commissioned to anchor Buddha's eight haired hair in a sacred and awesome shed.

Viewable from almost anywhere in the town, Shwedagon is a heartbreaking view and perfect for visiting the last sunbeams at the colder temperature of the night. The sacred place is also proof of the firm belief of the Buddhist Myanmese that there will always be a constant stream of sacrifices that will be taken to various chests in the group.

As a fast-growing town as the main gate to the land recently liberated from armed government, it constitutes a large part of the town' s charms, it is its inherent pulsating street life. Yangon appears in the conserved archaeological colonies, inviting you to take a pleasant walk along the water.

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