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Yangon (also known as Rangoon). Burma / Archive for the fight for democracy in myanmar wikipedia. A Wikipedia article Democratic Voice of Burma (contributors) licensed under CC-BY-SA. Visit Wikipedia (link) informs us: Yangon looks like some kind of Armory camp.

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Gautham Karthik (Venkat) comes from Rangoon. In the aftermath of his father's murder, the blame rests on Venkat's shoulder to help his family. Venkat's closest friends are Kumaran. He and Kumaran work for an illicit bullion dealer Gunaseelan (Siddique). Venkat's spiciness deserves the good will of Gunaseelan. He is also friends with Sasi (Daniel), who also works for Gunaseelan.

Sister Venkat fell in romance with Natasha (Sana). Renu and Kumaran are the husbands of Kumaran. In the meantime there is the DRI-Officier Syed (Anand), who wants to arrested Gunaseelan and his group. When Gunaseelan gets a big thing to bootleg bullion to Rangoon and gives the blame to Venkat, who chooses to have this as his last bootleg.

Venkat, Kumaran and Sasi go to Rangoon and successfully ship the bullion and receive Rs.6 krore currency for transport back to India. They are in a state of distress, lose their currency and go back to India without it. Then Gunaseelan gives them a whole weeks to find the moneys.

Solely comes with a plot to abduct his ex-boss Nyle Thomas' boy and demands a total of Rs.6 cores. Although not interested in this scheme, Venkat is accepted because he has no other choice. However, the abduction program failed. A couple of goons he's had trouble with kill Kumaran.

He thinks that only Sasi is behind the theft. During the course Venkat struggles with Sasi and Sasi unveils that Gunaseelan is the head behind it. When Gunaseelan tries to assassinate Venkat, a policeman rescues him by assassinating Gunaseelan. The Venkat and Sasi are in prison.

After 4 years Venkat is discharged from prison.

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The Beyond Rangoon is a 1995 John Boorman play about Laura Bowman (played by Patricia Arquette), an US traveler who went on holiday to Burma (Myanmar) in 1988, the year of the 8888 Uprising. Mr Bowman follows, albeit inadvertently, policy demonstrations with democratic protesters and journeys through Burma with U Aung Ko, the Burmese youth group.

After Laura's man and boy were murdered in a home invasion and Laura fell into a profound crisis, Andy Bowman convinces her older sibling Laura to go to Burma. Laura abandons her Rangoon resort one evening and gets into a rally against the state.

As her group is leaving the state, Laura cannot go with them because their pass was taken last year. He' s taking Laura to a rural Buddha school. When Laura finds out that Ko used to be a university lecturer who was expelled from school for support for anti-government activities under the direction of his former pupil Min Han.

Kobayama is taking Laura to a railway to get the rail back to Rangoon. They are persecuted by the troops, but Ko is killed and injured. They' re getting on a float and taking it to Rangoon. Laura, the physician, is operating on Ko to get the orb out.

So Laura goes in search of medication for Ko. Laura finds the medicine she needs in a hospital, but has to kill a trooper to avoid being beaten. By the time they get to Rangoon, the town is in a real uprising. As Laura tries to get into the US ambassador, the army tries to detain her for her help for Ko.

She has a fantasy where her boy Danny says she has to let him go. He pushes Laura into it and says to her: "Everything passes, Laura. "The next morning Laura and her group of fugitives cross a devastating stream into Thailand under the fire of mortars and arrive at a camps.

After Laura has found a new reason for living, she begins to help in the warehouse clinic. Beyond Rangoon currently has a 39% score on Rotten Tomatoes, measured by 33 ratings. The Beyond Rangoon is an authentic musical score mainly written by Hans Zimmer.

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