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Yangon was the historical spelling based on the pronunciation of the city's autonym in the Rakhine dialect of Burmese. Myanmar Icon, Incredible, Best attraction of Yangon, Must go and see; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shwedagon_Pagoda.

History of Jews in Myanmar Wikipedia Myanmar Jewish Community Past & Present. The Baghdadi trade Jews in Rangoon Yangon Burma / Myanmar. Yangon, Burma (now Myanmar), Burmese political leader.

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Jemadar Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor) and a group of other troops are driven into a corner by the Japonese army in such a battle near the Indian-Burmese frontier. At the same time, Julia (Kangana Ranaut), a major movie actor in India's cinemas, is the lead actress in a dancing company that amuses both civil and military personnel through movies dedicated to their bravado.

Rustom "Rusi" Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan), a former movie actor whose carreer was abandoned when he died in a failed movie suntuntunt. Billimoriah is friends with the residing English commanding Major General David Harding (Richard McCabe), who meets a kingly maharajah ( "Surendra Pal") king's blade crusted with precious stones at a meeting organized by Billimoriah.

When Harding suggests sending Julia and her troop to the war-torn frontier, where he is hoping to increase the sinking moral of his troop through their shows, an occasion arose. As Billimoria and Julia (who are now in a relationship) protest, Harding pledges first-class safety and forces them to stop the deliveries of footage from England, since Hitler-led Germany has halted the deliveries.

Billimoria's scandal with Julia causes cracks in his familiy, with his spouse requesting a separation and his granddad conspiring to stop Billimoria from escorting Julia on the road. Jemadar Malik, who apparently fled as a POW, is handed over to Julia onboard the train as a safety command, to her regret.

Julia is believed by the Brits to have died, but she survives and is attacked by three Israeli troops. Malik, who has also managed to escape unharmed, gets there in good order to prevent her from dying, taking a Japonese military man Hiromichi (Satoru Kawaguchi) to be held captive and taken back to the Jordanian state.

Julia, Malik and Hiromichi are marching towards their goal through the rainy jungles and a warmongering area full of hostile trains. When they comb an anti-aircraft shelter, they hardly get away from a demolition bomb, and Malik is angry at Hiromichi for taking them into an ambush. While Julia's meekness and sympathy works against Malik's battle-tested stereotypes and aggressions, the two fell in loving each other despite the stunning realisation that their trip will be over when Julia is united with Billimoria again.

When Harding returns to India, he again suggests that Julia, who is now betrothed to Billimoria, be sent to the front, this case with anti-aircraft shelter. She supports him for the prestige Victoria Cross award and consciously compels him to get involved in a show. After a clandestine and impassioned incident between Malik and Julia during an aerial attack, Billimoria begins to suspect her behaviour.

Billimoria, who appears at Julia's next performance and after a strained experience as a stagehand, shows that he is conscious of her disloyalty and is prepared to lead a battle to the end with Malik. Meanwhile, Zulfi, who survives the previous attack and is in fact a staycat of the INA, has been hired by Mema (Lin Laishram), an INA operative in the UK and Malik to bring the saber back to the INA.

Then it is unveiled that Malik did not evade his Rangoon imprisonment but was liberated by the INA, which informed him of the evil of Britain's domination of India and thus brought him into the INA Gandhi regime. Persuaded and equipped with a new function, Malik secretly gathers with Julia before a show and gives Zulfi last orders to take a stance in front of her awning.

This outbreak is reported by Billimoria, Harding and other UK troops in a hurry to expose the offender. Desperately Julia protesting against Billimoria's choice not to bury Zulfi properly, as another member of Julia's troop supports Malik secretly in a weapons control. At nightfall, Julia and Malik Zulfi give a decent funeral pondering loyalty and motivation.

When Julia tries to set up a date to transmit the saber with the INA via a note, Malik and Mema are apprehended by Julia, who is accused of treason. Malik replies, divided between his emotions for her and his cause, by saying that Julia is dazzled by what she sees and the truths are doomed.

The next morning Harding extorts Mema to expose her fellow plotters by menacing to murder her boy, whereupon Malik reveals his real loyalty. With the INA hymn Malik stubbornly walks to Harding, who signalizes to Williams to execute Mema. Angry at this heartless stance, Malik pounces on Williams, but is taken prisoner and tortures by his former mates.

Appalled by this succession of incidents, Julia opens a new chapter: she takes Malik out of a procession to Delhi and continues Zulfi's voyage to bring the blade to INA. Malik and Julia are driven into a corner by the British at the crossroads where the blade is to be used.

It is Malik who persuades Julia to walk across the viaduct by hiding it. Malik is seriously hurt by gunfire in the subsequent shooting, while Billimoria comes with a Brits reinforcement. But the fatally hurt Malik braves him by going over the viaduct and sacrificing his own self so that Julia can do on.

Howard orders us to blow up the viaduct and seriously injure Julia. In search of salvation, Billimoria Julia asks for her last wish, asking her to carry on her mission of giving the blade to INA before she falls to her deathbed. Billimoria massacred the remainder of the UK forces on the platform, decapitated and delivered the blade to the INA.

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