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Vf's Rangoon Visa Application Centre, Yangon. You can download the visa form from the following link. Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to apply for a Chinese visa in Rangoon? Personal Resources Team Assistant (Visa & Travel). Memories House Restaurant, Yangon (Rangoon):

Notice to US visa applicants: Visas and validity will change

Non-immigrant entry taxes and validity are subject to change. 1 ) What is a non-immigrant fee? Non-immigrant visas from certain jurisdictions may be subject to a tax after their request is accepted. The charges are mutual: if a non-U.S. administration charges U.S. nationals for certain kinds of permits, the United States will charge the nationals of that state a mutual charge for similar kinds of permits.

TCO for a traveler applying for a tourism visas will drop from $192 to $160 for a three-month B 2 visas. However, some charges will rise. 3 ) What if I have already requested my visas? Old charges and validity are valid for applications submitted before 9 April.

New charges and validity are applicable to applications for visas on or after 9 April, regardless of the date of the request. 4 ) Why do Myanmar citizens have to contribute the $160 Non-Immigrant Visas Applications Fairy if Myanmar does not have a similar US citizen tax? Whilst most of those applying for visas have to cover the cost of the entry tax, the issuing tax (sometimes also known as the "reciprocity tax") is only billed to an admitted non-immigrant visas holder after the meeting.

5 ) Why is the United States reviewing the validity of visas and charges for Myanmar citizens? It is part of a global verification of the non-immigrant visa reciprocal rules needed under US legislation. In the course of this inspection, the State Department noted differences between Myanmar's and the United States' visas regimes.

U.S. legislation demands that U.S. passport charges and expirations be treated as far as feasible. United States is legally obliged to adapt charges and application to Myanmar's practice. No, the presidential decree demands that the State Department revise all agreements on the mutuality of non-immigrant visas globally to make sure that U.S. subjects are granted mutual status in respect of nationality and charges, as stipulated by U.S. legislation for them.

It applies the same standards to all states around the world when assessing their visas and any mismatch. Reciprocal US legislation requires the Department to rectify these global disparities for all those jurisdictions that are not able to reconcile their US and US visas.

7 ) Which other states are affected by this global audit? Any non-immigrant visas reciprocality regulations around the world are verified in accordance with the President's Executive Order. Regulation 13780, which the President of the Republic of Lithuania has just adopted in March 2017, obliges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out a global verification of the reciprocal treatment of visas and non-immigrant visas.

Following extensive bi-lateral consultation with overseas government, decision making will take place on a continuing roll-forward footing to ensure the fairness of the US and overseas reciprocal visas between them.

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