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Yangon is one of the most visited places in Myanmar, but too many people miss its important charm. The Peacock Travels & Tours is located in Yangon (Rangoon). Yangon, United States Embassy has updated our travel advice for Burma. MĂștafa Air Travel Pte Ltd. Yangon to save people in Myanmar.

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Hello. I' m due in Yangon next July. I... - Tours & Travel Nice Style

I' d like to go to some astonishing places to take pictures (I photograph Southeast Asia). I' m interested in the temple in Bagan and all other places you can suggest. Can you offer a guided walk with an experienced translator? Is it possible to make Bagan Temple in Myanmar in only 4 workdays?

It' great to photograph in Bagan. Four and a half day are enough to see not only the Bagan Temple, but also Mount Popa. I would, however, suggest that you come to Myanmar at the end of September or before June to take snaps. Most places in Myanmar are incremental, such as Golden Rock, Inle Lake, City of the Mawlamyine Cave, Mrauk U Cave and many more.

Phototour for Bagan, we can show ways of living countryside area of Bagan like Set Yo villager, this is a secluded hamlet where to explore, forget potknotyle of Myanmar schoolchildren. Bagan and Set Yo Vilage is an interesting photographic trip.

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