Rangoon Tourism

Yangon Tourism

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon offers visitors a foretaste of Myanmar's rich culture, cuisine and history. The Green Wood Tourism is located in Yangon (Rangoon). Rangoon, Myanmar, evening walk on the street. An unfamiliar conversation about Burmese and foreign tourists in the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Religious tensions have made some areas outside Rangoon taboo.


He' s come to Burma with us. Rangoon. Said we should make sure we have at least $10 in currency when we depart, as a charge is levied to get out of the state. "She went on to say, "And you' re changing your currency on the supermarket, you' re getting a better one.

Scotland is a good place, but I do not know what it is known today because the Scottish authorities have altered all the name. "``She said to us. "When you need the web, go to Fiftyth St. Bar, on Fiftyth St. here in Rangoon, but watch out for security and observation.

and I came back after ten years. It was the first year that I had ever come back to my own land. "Actually, if someone listened to what I just said, I would go straight to jail," was the last thing she said to us, and then it was her turn to go to the immigration office.

He found out we didn't know yet, so he tried to convince us to go to a hospice named Mother Land Inn. When I saw a coach, I asked the guys to take it and at least go into the middle. On the coach we realised that it was the Mother Land Inn's personal transportation and the same bloke who said we had to spend $3 on the trip if we didn't stick around.

It was a long trip and on the way the coach passed many, if not all, of the city's attractions. It was already darkness when we got to the Mother Land Inn and we chose to be there. At check-in it began to rainstorm but then we took our parasols and went out to discover the town in the rains, at candlelight.

During the day we could see even more how pale this town was, which until 2005 was Burma's main town and is still the largest today. One interesting inconsistency with everything we have seen is that Rangoon, as well known as Yangon (the name was given to the town in 1988 officially), means ¨End from strife¨

Occasionally we went through small teashops with a few small coffee table and chair with teacups and thermo pots on the table. These were as small as the desks and seats that small kids use in the European gardens. Maybe it's because in Burma you should bow your heads when you walk by someone, so the heads should always be among others to be courteous.

While we were starving without cash and it was getting too long, Rafa suggested that we at least exchange some cash. As we knew you had to exchange cash on the supermarket, we want to make changes to didn´t all at once. When we had some Burmese Kyat, the restaurants closed.

We were really sorry, as the lady at the airfield said, to see kids working later in the evening in a land with vast quantities of natural resources such as natural gas, olive groves, olive groves, jades, gold and timber for sale to its large, powerful neighbours: Burma is the second opium and heroin exporter after Afghanistan.

The Chinese will be paying for the building of a giant motorway to Burma from Kunming in southwest China to the port of Rakhaing near Kyuakphyu in the Bay of Bengal. So where is all this unbelievably big cash going?

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