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Activities in Yangon, Myanmar: In Myanmar, foreigners with tourist visas are not allowed to drive themselves. We' ll fly to Yangon, formerly Rangoon, Myanmar (formerly Burma) to see the sights. Finding job offers in gastronomy & tourism? Working in Yangon (Rangoon) region/s.

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Yangon, home of the wonderful Shwedagon is Myanmar's evidence of his dedication to Buddha. Yangoon's many towers of the gold pit are an artful explanation of the many other sights Yangoon has to offer its sights. An excursion to downtown Yangon takes you back to settlement.

Leap back into the past with a round trip and see the way of living and museums of Burma through one of the interesting places in this town, the home of Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's great guide. Several of the lesser known sites such as Botataung Paya and Mailamu Paya, which represent Buddha's live through countless sculptures, will give your holiday an intensive rest.

A few tour-hotels

With sunset, the glow of the hawkers illuminates the exquisite delights around Mabandoola Park, where we begin our discovery of the Yangon cuisine. On our way through the side streets of the historical and ethnic districts of the city centre, among them Little India and China Town, we visit some of our favorite booths and diners.

We present you a captivating product store far away from the touristic trail and end up in our popular 19th-star BBQ restaurant, where the spectators are complemented to perfection by seafood and cool beers.

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Rangoon's tourism boom endangers heritage

The value of property is skyrocketing in a town without contemporary houses and hotels, and monument conservators are opposing gamblers and designers. When the 34-story Diamond Inya Palace looks like the first Rangoon high-rises, it is unlikely to be the last. Burma's largest income after the export of gases is tourism.

Attendees flock to Rangoon and Mandalay and other places because they have not yet been pampered by the jungle of cement that has sprouted over most other Asiatic towns. "Nowhere else in Asia is there more than in Rangoon a townscape with 100s of large and modest old settlement houses in the midst of multi-ethnic societies that have been alive, colourful and colourful for a hundred years and more," the experienced local reporter Denis Gray recently said after a recent stop.

The Association of Myanmar Architects, the Yangon[Rangoon] Heritage Trust and other affected groups share this notion. All of them are committed to ensuring that the town' s original architectural style from the days of colonisation is not destroyed or plundered when after 50 years of insulation cash and modernism come to Burma. However, in a town where there are no contemporary houses and hotels, the value of property is skyrocketing and puts the monument conservationists against Myanmar and overseas gamblers and developer.

The available offices in Rangoon in mid-October were less than one per cent of those in Bangkok, Silk Road said. "According to a Reuters press release poll, the speculator has plummeted into his housing markets, house values have skyrocketed and international investment is looking for workspace. According to the firm, the $60 million project will rise above beautiful Rangoon's Lake Inya.

Yangon has around 200 listed properties. A further 2,500 "significant buildings" in worsening conditions are listed by the Yangon Heritage Trust as in need of conservation. Much of the most beautiful building from Roman times has been demolished and nailed down since the federal administration moved all its offices and other administration to the new capitol Naypyidaw, making it more vulnerable to the specula.

He is the creator of 30 Cultural and Historical Yangon: "It is a challenging task to convert these structures in a way that is affordable while respecting their architectonic structures and cultural legacy," she said to the Bangkok Post. Rangoon's former Supreme Tribunal and a smaller courthouse have just been signed with long-term tenants, again in secret dealings between companies and governments that gave no one the chance to objectif.

A 101-year-old red-yellow brickwork courtyard with its striking bell towers is to become a permanent exhibition and canteen. Smaller courthouse will be transformed into a hospital. At the same time, the 1920s Prome Courts are facing a less fortunate outlook.

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