Rangoon the Largest City

Yangon the largest city

Yangon Tourism - All doors are open to Myanmar's largest city. DEFINITION: Largest cities including the youngest population (including estimates). The population is only within the city limits, unless otherwise stated. Also known as Rangoon and Mandalay in the north. It is by far the largest city in Myanmar.

Things to see in Yangon

Myanmar's former capitol, Yangon (or Rangoon), is still the country's biggest town and an important business and culture centre. Compared to Bagan, Mandalay or the remainder of Myanmar, Yangon seems to be a truly contemporary, richly varied culture with over 5 million people. You will find Myanmar, UK and China influence at every turn.

The centre is surrounded by a number of rural houses, palaces, churches as well as China market. Though the town is vast, you can see a great deal in just one single working days - the most spectacular sites and attractions (such as the Shwedagon Pagoda or the Sule Pagoda) are within easy Walk. The majority of travellers jump over Yangon and go directly to Mandalay instead - the town that has the more "old Burmese" look and is the gate to the renowned antique site with its thousand temple - Bagan (I have described it here).

I' ve come by night coach from Bagan to Yangon - you can also take the rail, which is supposed to be a true adventur. This was one of the most luxurious busses of all time. Oddly enough, the coaches are really friendly for Asian travelers, in contrast to some people' s views of tour consultants etc..

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State and city

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