Rangoon Temple

Temple of Rangoon

It is a very prominent Chinese temple in Yangon Chinatown. Keong Chinese Temple: Yangon's most remarkable building is the Shwe Dagon Pagoda, a large Buddhist temple complex crowning a hill about a mile north of the canton. There is a young priest outside a temple with figures and dragons. Are you looking for activities near the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple?

Must-seetempple in Yangon - Review of the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Nice place, especially at sundown. As it is really a must in Yangon, it is heavily frequented by visitors..... There' s sanctuaries all over Burma, and Shwedagon's taking over the cakes. You must never abandon Yangon without seeing its icon: the Shwedagon page. It is a good part of the day to come in the evening (around 3 pm) and then stay to photograph the sundown and watch the colour of the sun change as darkness falls.

It is not just a couch, but a crowd of pagodas, clasps and churches that surround the golden plated couch on different plan. This is the core of Buddhism in Yangon, a place of prayer, fellowship and volunteerism. It is such a symbol and no Yangon trip is incomplete without being there.

The best way to see it is the sundown, the place is full of humans and it looks great against the dark skies. It is the first sacred memorial you will be visiting for those of us who arrive in Myanmar for the first and Yangon is the gate and it makes a big impact. Were you at the Shwedagon Pagoda?

It' a beautiful temple. - Construction Dawgyoke Pagoda, Yangon (Rangoon) travelogues

Like all Myanmar sanctuaries, this place has a long tradition, so the best way to get a guide is to get the true facts. Beautiful Myanmar panorama marina. Gotta see you when you get to Myanmar. In September/14 I went to this beautiful little gem of a church.

It is about 200 sqm. There are many more sanctuaries on the banks, encircled by juicy verdant meadows and hiding in the woods. Obviously the next one is a temple/monastery, a kind of psychiatric domicile for deranged or psychologically ill slag-ha and non-man. You would have been fascinated to visit this special sanctuary and the many other sanctuaries and convents in the surrounding area for much longer.

The Twante and the Delta is of course very beautiful, luxuriant, aqueous and verdant. I' ll have to go back to Myanmar to end this tour, so much has happened since my first journey in 1997. Unbelievable, but the delta area seems to get caught in a beautiful timeline. I' d been to the Hindu rat temple of Karna Mata in Deshnok, Rajasthan in June, so I had to find the snake temple as soon as I learned about it while I was in Yangon.

First of all, if you are suffering from ophidiophobia (fear of the snake), don't reread my reviews! There are about 30 temples in this area. It' a very small but really sweet one. Snake' s crawl all over the sanctuary, so be careful when you are.

It is a 10 min walking distance from the roadside to the church. It takes 20 min to reach the sanctuary itself, but it takes almost half a full working days to get to/from Yangon.

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