Rangoon Temple

Temple of Rangoon

Locate the best things near the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple, Yangon (Rangoon) for you. Cast-iron posts at the entrance to Yangon's Nattukottai Chettiar Temple. Yangon (Rangoon), Sri Kaali Amman Hindu Temple: A Buddhist temple with a green tiled roof - elevated view at sunset, in Myanmar-Burma. The Shree Jain Shwetamber Murtipujak Temple is located in Yangon (Rangoon).

So you already have Temple Hopped in Rangoon? To relax, go to this low-key Burma beach.

On a 55-minute flight from Rangoon, this former UK settlement offers a quiet excursion (after a trip through the temples of Bagan and Rangoon, of course), reminiscent of Thailand as it was centuries ago. Reserve a room at 1 Sandoway Resort with a view of the Indian Ocean, where you can eat freshly catched seafood carpaccio from $140 (95-1-298-934; double room open Oct.-May), or the 2 Amazing Ngapali Resort (95-1-434-2011; double room from $220; open Oct.-May).

Embark on a cruise with one of the locals' own boats, take daily excursions to places like Pearl Island (where you'll find picnic-ready sandy beaches), snorkell the coastline reef ( "the shoreline coastline " beach near Lin Thar Village and Ziphyugone Village is particularly beautiful), or visit the Pleasant Views Islet Restaurant at 3 pleasant views resort for barracudas and shrimps (95-1-434-2224; entrance fee from $16).

It is easy to explore the surroundings by bicycle by making mussels and pearls in the basic town stands, visiting rural land orchards and riding elephant in the elephant camps. Ngapali is offering Australian Outfitters Remote Lands as part of a nationwide route (646-415-8092; from $600 per head per day).

The human being is setting himself on fire in the Rangoon-Timple.

Twenty-six year old man burned himself in Rangoon's most renowned buddhist sanctuary to demonstrate against the economy of military-ruled Burma, said testimonies and policemen. Testimonies said that on Friday - a rural buddhistic feast - the man leaned over to a cabinet in the Shwedagon Pagoda before he got up, poured gasoline and lit himself with a candlestick.

One of the most sacred places in the country, the Yangon Buddhist Monastery was the focus of anti-junta Buddhist rallies last year. A number of eyewitnesses said that before the man's obvious self-immolation: "We may be free from financial hardship." One Rangoon policeman who declined to be mentioned ID'd the man as Thaw Zin Naing of the Ayeyarwaddy Division just outside the town.

"He' s recuperating at Yangon General Hospital.

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