Rangoon new name

Yangon new name

Yangon has been replaced by Nayppidaw as the new capital. Irarawaddy Pegu Karen Magwe Arakan Tenasserim Rangoon Rangoon Searchable map/satellite view of Rangoon (Yangon), the largest city of Myanmar and its former capital. Yangon, also known as Yangon, is the first. Sign up for Rangoon or add a new placemark for Rangoon. Ultranationalist Buddhists who break the law in the name of religion.

Compilation of the former name lists of Yangon community areas' highways, passageways and highways.

Like the compilation of the old paths and ways in Yangon. Yangonites, who are now in the end of the 1930s, want to know the old street name of Yangon. That is why their surviving grand-parents tell them the former name of the Yangon street.

It is the aim of this paper to provide general information to young people in the area and to those who are interested in gathering the old or former name of the Yangon area. Actually, this is not a full listing of previous road, transit and street designations in the area.

To a certain degree, however, students may find some of the previous street titles in Yangon that match the actual name on the playlist. Most of the roads were renamed after the famous UK staff during the colonial age. Several of them are called after some celebrity locals who were chronicled in Myanmar's pre-independence story.

Today they have already been renamed Myanmar. Several Septuagenarian Yangonites recall the old name. This listing was compiled by the people of Septuagenarius, who were borne in Yangon (Rangoon). Hopefully this paper will help those who are learning the story of Yangon. Scientists can gain historic information, which includes the name of roads used in the past.

Usually every town has its own story and the inhabitants use it to write down or file the things that have to do with their hometown. Loving our hometown, we should study, log or file Yangon's previous and present name of the road, passageway and street.

It may be interesting and fun for the reader of Yangon residents and aliens. Owing to the contribution of the Yangon Municipal Elder and the references of ollilaasanen.wordpress.

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