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Yangon Myanmar Map

Release the entire map of Myanmar (Burma) and free tourist maps and then printing service for business cards, brochures map of Yangon (Yangon region / Myanmar), view from satellite. Yangon region hotels map: Vote for Yangon / Rangoon (Burma/Myanmar Burma/Myanmar) now! Yangon is located in Myanmar in the directory of Country. Yangon (Rangoon) image of Bike World Bed, Breakfast & Bike:

Altitude of Rangoon, Myanmar Altitude Map, Topography, Contour

Bottom is the height map of Rangoon, Myanmar, which shows the height area in different colors. Rangoon, Myanmar's altitude map is created using altitude information from NASA's SRTM files at a 90m res. speed. They also give an overview of the landscape and contours of Yangon, Myanmar. Rangoon,Myanmar elevation map is shown in different zooms.

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North Okkalapa, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

parallel and meridian co-ordinates are: 16.908314, 96.158005. One of the biggest northerly suburbs of Yangon, one of the biggest and former capitals of Myanmar (Burma). Okkalapa is about 9 miles due to its location in the centre of the town. It has latitudes of 16.908314 in the regions of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and 96.158005 in the south.

Northern Okkalapa, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is in Myanmar (Burma) land in the district place class with the 16° 54' 29.9304'' north and 96° 9' 28.8180'' E. North Okkalapa, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is 10 metres high, which corresponds to 33 ft. North Okkalapa, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) are indicated in decimals and DMS (degrees, min. and seconds) above.

Specified countrycode is in iso 2-size.


Yangon's most advanced 5* resort. Adjoining the new Myanmar Plaza commercial centre. Opposite the one-of-a-kind Inya Lake, only 20 min. from Yangon International Airport, 15 min. from the town centre and 10 min. from the famous "Shwedagon Pagoda". Situated on The Level Executives level, the new facility offers a more sophisticated level of services.

New Meliá Yangon is a luxurious urban resort with an elegance of interiors, a modern and modern atmosphere and an outstanding position opposite the lake Inya. Meliá Yangon is the ideal destination for businesses and holidaymakers due to its comprehensive, new and convenient amenities and the outstanding service it offers.

Only 10 min drive from the lovely Shwedagon Pagoda and downtown, 5 min from Kaba Aye Pagoda and Myanmar Gems Museum and 20 min from Yangon International Airport. Meliá Yangon has strategic links with the offices and Myanmar Plaza, the most advanced and comprehensive mall.

They are all part of the new and stylish HAGL Myanmar building that redefines the New York store and way of life.

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