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The location makes the stay there very pleasant. You can book Wai Wai's Place, Yangon (Rangoon) on TripAdvisor: The Apollo Hotel in Yangon has a common lounge and bar. Views Menu Nutrition Details * The selection of ingredients and items may vary by location. Situated directly west of the lake shore, it offers a breathtaking view of the sunset.

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I' ve never been to Myanmar. In search of a longer stop in Yangon and a trip through Bagan. 69 both, fitte and inexpensive travelers. The yearly prolonged stays in a Thai budgeted hospitality establishment (service level in hostels seems to be more constant than in hostels ) in Chiang Mai has what we need, such as a refrigerator, TV, Wi-Fi and good quality bedding with everyday clean.

It' s the situation that makes the place very pleasant. Very thankful for all other hints for a healthful life with a low price. Maybe I can't help you with your selection (I was at the Yankin which was a good idea), but if you have three week time, you probably wouldn't want to miss Mandalay and Inle Lake, the most popular places in Myanmar besides Bagan.....?

Yangon has some places of interest, but not much to really remain there as a long time traveller. Incidentally, Yangon's rates have risen since the opening of the state in 2011, and properties such as Traders and Central (near a large market) are no longer payable.

The prices of hotels in the various areas are significantly lower. A while ago I also went to Bagan, but found that 2-3 working nights were enough. As we are used to in Thailand, I anticipate that our flights to and from and within Myanmar will undermine our budgets. In addition to the sights, we are long-term travelers who hope to be able to appreciate the speed and unique nature of our cultures more than the sights.

Burma is only now beginning on the road to "modernity" and we had hoped to catch it in Yangon. We' ll be stationed in Chiang Mai and consider going to Mandalay for 3 nights, take the ferry to Bagan and remain for 3 nights and then go to Yangon. We have to return to Yangon for another week to Chiang Mai before we go home.

We' ve not been to Laos yet, which must be put on ice for the time being. Have you found anything in Yangon that you liked? My missus and I will fly to YGN on January 5, 2015 and still will not decide on the hotel between Central, Asia Plaza, Yuzana and Orchid City.

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