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Location Rangoon

Discover where Rangoon was shot! Myanmar (Burma) date: St. John's College in Yangon (Rangoon, ???

????), Myanmar (Burma). View a map of where the national racing village in Rangoon is located. Yangon, Yangon region, Show map of Myanmar.

Site Plans - Yangon North District, Yangon Region (Yangon Division; Rangoon Division), Myanmar

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Yangon China & Japanese Restaurants

Found on Waterman Ave. The Rt 104 Smithfield, RI Rangoon China & Japanese Restuarant is known for its top class cuisine and world-class cuisine. You are invited to visit our website and explore the Rangoon restaurants in China and Japan. We have a state-of-the-art refectory, state-of-the-art equipment and an inviting ambience for an extraordinary eating pleasure.

Find out more about our restaurants. We' ve worked tirelessly to create a meal with a one-of-a-kind blend of classical food and specialities of the season that will delight even the most demanding palates. The Rangoon Chinese & Japanese Restuarant is known throughout Smithfield for its critically acclaimed range of good beers.

Explore our wines menu. From a ten-person luncheon to a 100-person reception, the Rangoon Chinese & Japanese Restaurant provides the ideal place for you. Find out more about our service for individuals.

Est. 2017

Situated between the five-star The Sedona and Melia Hotel, our Yangon Café has 853 sq. m. of capacity for 192 people, a large lounge, a large lounge, a specially designed lounge for VIPs, a special venue for performing and entertaining music. For a memento of your stay, please go to the Rock Shop®.

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