Rangoon is the Capital of what Country

Yangon is the capital of the country.

So this is basically an administrative and political capital. Flights run from Mergui to Yangon, Mawlamyine and Singapore. Burma, country, located in the western part of mainland Southeast Asia. Rangoon became Yangon. Myanmar, Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, Burma, is the former capital of Myanmar and the largest city in the country.

Sundered between two capital cities

Naypyidaw, a secluded city midway between Burma's two major towns, Rangoon and Mandalay, has been the administration capitol of the nation since November 6, 2005. After five years, according to the 2008 constitution, Naypyidaw will be ruled directly by the presidential elections on 7 November.

Burma's post-electoral policy architecture will be changed, but the issue is: will the country's policy dynamics move from its old capitol Rangoon to the new capitol, whose name translated into English means "The Abode of Kings"? Rangoon has a long tradition of playing a central part in Burma's policies and has been the economical center of the nation since then.

She was downgraded by the army jungle when she grabbed her pockets of administration and administration and moved 200 leagues to a vacant area 200 leagues from Pyinmana. Building of the new legislature proceeded with the building of eight-lane alleys, an interna-tional airfield and a 24-hour power grid, as well as the emigration of civil servants and their family to the city.

Burma's wannabe metropolitan area will see the move from a synthesized spirit to a beehive of parliamentarianism. Synthetically, soul-less and desperate for freedom from human interactions, Naypyidaw has neglected to convince the employees and family of UN organizations and overseas representatives to move their head offices and messages, seriously eroding their dignity as the capitol.

In fact, most messengers, embassies, diplomats, INGO leaders and their family are used to live the high lives in the land that they are allotted. You' ll be circulating at round-table cocktails, dining in the city's best dining establishments, sending your kids to the best of the world's best colleges, and receiving constant entertainment at prestigious social gatherings.

Far from a lifetime in burocratic Naypyidaw. It was not surprising that every large domestic Nazi faction except one had its seat in Rangoon when the Union's Electoral Commission opened its door to the registering of parties in March. Of course, the Union Solidarity and Development Parties (USDP), which had their seat in Naypyidaw, were the exceptions.

However, could there be even more tension between the two towns in the near term? The USDP leaders in the nascent Zimbabwean politics have decided to isolate themselves in a Naypyidaw, where they will quickly lose contact with the daily needs of the population, not to speak of their own members in more than 400 stores across the state.

if it has no spirit? It is not a fountain of proud for the Burmese nation, unlike Rangoon. Siwedagon Pagoda, the country's holiest and most famous memorial, has been standing over Rangoon like a parent since the sixth A. D.

Than Shwe, like a cheaper forger, tried to emulate the ancient emperors by ordering the building of a reproduction of the Shwedagon in the new state. Naypyidaw, I think, is a beautiful town. It' a show away from everywhere, but it's a beautiful town. It was constructed without the approval of anyone, the agreement of anyone except an astrogist, who he probably didn't think would go so far as to make another "Yedayar".

Gnaypyidaw has become a term in a phrase that usually contains many swearing words. And Yangon had no "soul" when it became the capitol of British Burma. Burma's centre of civilization, the hear and spirit of Burma, was still in Mandalay when the British relocated the administration city to a dormant swampy city and turned it into what Yangon is today.

However, the general should have moved the capitol near Thanlyin. Never will Naypyidaw be a Putrajaya (Malaysia's administration capital). After the bogus choice with its parade of apes that dance to the melody of the organist of Naypyidaw, Yangon will hardly lose its strategical and economical centre.

Anyone who grasps Yangon in a coming dispute (which is only a question of the times, since the present "political solution" has hardly affected the actual causes) will take control of it. It' Naypyidaw is meant to wilt on the grape. Certainly the generals' women and family don't want to live in Naypyidaw either, perhaps they prefer Yangon instead, and can you resent them?

It is not really interesting to comment, except to say that it is a GHOST city populated by Zombie like Than Shwe and his coyots. During daytime they are living in the tunnel and only come out at nights because they fear the lights and the view of those who obviously show their abhorrence and revulsion for the Zombie in army outfits.

The demons and a zombie in the Naypyidaw tunnel are all I have to say! The Nay Pyidaw is a gag and the Myanmar army is an atrocity.

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