Rangoon is in which Country

Yangon is in which country

The most famous building in Yangon on the set of Restoring Old Rangoon. Kenya Country Council Meeting. However, as the country opens up, this unique heritage is threatened. ("Joseph A. Mendenhall"), State and Society in modern Rangoon is an accessible introduction to the history of the country for the uninitiated.

This dangerous poor country was collateral damage.

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Yangon has a relatively brief past as an important town. Last dynasty was established in 1752 by Alaungpaya, the Emperor. Yangon was erected by Alaungpaya, after the Emperor conquered Lower Myanmar, in 1755. Prior to the construction of this town, the country was the former site of Pongon, which means "dragon" in English.

That was when the British were moving into the town. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Shedagonagoda, a 2,500-year-old buddhistic sanctuary and a high point in Yangon, was the centre of many civic activity. It was the British who chose this town, then known as Rangoon, as their capitol and ended the rule of Mandalay as Myanmar's butcher.


Almost eight years ago, several hundred thousand Myanmar friars braved the army and walked the roads of Rangoon barefooted. Rarefoot marchers again through Rangoon, but in smaller numbers and for another reason: to object to Burma's accusation of the boatmen's crises, to persist that the Rohingya are a fictional race, and to call for the boatmen to be sent to Bangladesh, where they rightfully are.

The chauvinist face of Burmese Buddhism - the protests were organized by a new monastery known as Ma Ba Tha - but were generously backed by the commoners. Emotionally distant was the fact that literally hundred thousand Muslims have been living in Arakan State for centuries in a state of impoverishment and without human right - which is why many of them will do everything they can to get out.

It is a distressed situation that Burma is trying to overlook. In Burma, for the past week indigenous news reports have been coming in that the Myanmar marines intercepted a tugboat off Burmaese water, allegedly with 200 Bangladeshis on board. However, on Tuesday it turned out that before the arrival of the Myanmar marines, an equivalent number of Rohingya had been driven off the ship and back to their Myanmar communities.

At an ASEAN meeting in 2007, the threats of then Burma's Prime Minister Thein Sein - now President - were enough to stop the debate over the murder of Protestant friars by troops in the final few day of the Saffron Revolution.

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