Rangoon in Myanmar

Yangon in Myanmar

Feminine / Single / ID: Rangoon was the former capital of the province of Burma in British India. Thar Yar Hlaing Bus Station. High Court Building. Rangoon River Location Guide, Myanmar Tide Station, also shows nearby tide stations and surf breaks.

Yangon Monument

The Rangoon Memorial is situated in the center of Taukkyan War Cemetery in Burma. This is reminiscent of almost 27,000 land troops of the British Empire who were killed during the military expeditions in Burma and whose graves are unknown. Japonese troops entered Burma in December 1941 and catapulted the country into World War II.

In March 1942 the Japanese had conquered the capitol Rangoon and their invasion of the land began. The Rangoon Memorial is situated in the center of Taukkyan War cemetary. It is open daily.

Rangoon's relics: Myanmar's historical building in jeopardy

"Before it changes forever, go to Yangon now. an even greater danger threatens over the city's greatest touristic asset - its breathtaking historic complex. Heijmans' "Relics of Rangoon", which represents more than 200 of the city's architectonic marvels, is the climax of more than two years of work with a research staff of more than eight scientists and several hundred hour long in-depth interview sessions.

Heijmans, who currently lives and works in Myanmar, met us to learn more about the city's historic architecture and its chances of surviving. In 2013, when I first took over the editing of a Yangon based paper, my journalists occasionally brought me a tale about one of the many old houses from the colonies, and they were always intriguing.

Soon it became clear that the wealth y inheritance of this historic town would be its determining factor - something that could determine or even destroy its romance and ikonics. I' d been looking for material to find out more about Yangon's collective past and about the building itself, but there was very little, so I thought it would be nice to make a comprehensive guide on the subject, showing both the inside and the façades of the building .

However, a few month later, I realised that the research was necessary for each of the building to make a difference - a way of really telling the history and historic effects of the building, so I had to begin from the ground up with my team. Yangon's High Court Building was constructed in the early 1900s.

What are the first places to visit in Yangon? Most of Yangon's most famous monuments are in the Central Business District in the centre of the city, the best known of which is the secretariat or former ministerial office where the founder of contemporary Myanmar, General Aung San, was murdered in 1947.

However, apart from its historic importance, the solid edifice made of solid hexavitian bricks cannot be distinguished from any other edifice in terms of scale and area. A few other apparent decisions would have to be the near High Court buildings, which were opened in 1911 and still serve as a court house today, although the Supreme Court relocated to the new capitol Naypyitaw a few years ago.

Pansodan Road is the back of the house - one of the most popular streets in Yangon with a number of colonial-era bank houses, administration blocks and privately owned office blocks ending on Strand Road, which runs alongside the Yangon River to the south. It is located in the lovely Myanmar Port Authority and opposite the Yangon Divisional Court, part of which was demolished and never repair.

Heijmans' favourite is the Balthazar building on Bank Street. What are these structures threatened for? Approximately 1,500 Yangon city centre properties have been demolished since 1990, and although the speed has drastically decelerated, it has by no means stopped. However, perhaps the greater problem is the persistent need for Myanmar to link everything to bureaucracy while at the same time puzzling fundamental legal questions.

Does the goverment begin to see the value of rescuing these ancient structures? We have worked with good individuals in the municipality and within the public and privatesector for "Relics of Rangoon" and the results are beginning to show. A number of multinational committees have come and taken it upon themselves to show the town that some of these ancient structures can have a great advantage.

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