Rangoon Embassy

Embassy of Rangoon

Embassy of the United States, Rangoon, Burma. Sheolar Liaison Network; US Embassy Rangoon, Burma-Burma-Yangon. is located on Strand Road in Rangoon. It is located on a corner site of Aung Taw Mu Lane, in the so-called Golden Valley of Bahan Municipality.

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Embassy Rangoon

If you are requesting an ETD or need diplomatic representation, call the British Embassy on +95 (0)1 370 863, +95 (0)1 370 864 or +95 (0)1 370 865 and obey the directions to see a diplomatic representative who will help you. Both the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and this Embassy strive to make sure that their facilities and facilities are fully open to the people.

Whenever possible, we have made our facilities and our range of products and systems available. We will try to offer a different type of facility management or accessibility in such a situation to guarantee equal accessibility for all. In order to help handicapped guests, we have listed below the accessibility information for handicapped persons in this Embassy.

The embassy is restricted by safety aspects and the up-to-date design of approach roads and equipment. Welfare and safety personnel will, however, be attentive to the needs of handicapped guests and will endeavour to provide adequate support to handicapped guests during their visits in order to guarantee that they have adequate accessibility to the embassy service.

When you need help, please call us before your stay so we can make sure we can give you access: and the embassy will close on the following dates in 2018.

US Embassy Rangoon - Notes

Office of Englished Language Programs offers a course titled American Englisch Weaveinar Serial. Featured in Autumn 2015, Winters 2016 and Springs 2016, each session will consist of six rotating Wednesday-to- Wednesday sessions. There are 6 on-line courses covering a wide range of subjects and are designed for teaching or becoming one.

Attendees attending 4 of the 6 online seminars will be awarded e-certificates. Attendees are invited to join the associated Ning (http://www.shapingenglish.ning.com) to join discussion, watch or down-load videos and other material from the meetings, and gain Webinar recording. Every American English Webinar Series is comprised of six 60-minute biweekly tutorials (Wednesdays at 8:00 & 13:00 ET).

Sequences are performed on the fly and demand real-time interactions. Every 60-minute session takes place every second Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in Washington, D.C. (see http://timeanddate.com for the hours in your region). Attendees of the American English Webinar Series are current or prospective ELT pros (e.g. instructors, educators, teachers, programme administrators).

No prerequisites exist for each show and the contestants can take part in several shows. In order to take part in the seminars, please send an e-mail to RangoonUSECA@state.gov with the following information: Deadline for submission of your information for the first, second and third run is August 26, 2015, January 1, 2016 and April 1, 2016, respectively.

You will be invited to enroll in the course before the course begins.

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