Rangoon Cruise

Yangon Cruise

Yangon cruise in Myanmar to experience a holiday like no other. Departure from Rangoon and end in Mandalay ! To do something else at the end of the day, try a sunset boat trip on the Rangoon River. Yangon cruise to Olsen in Myanmar, a spectacular and friendly city nicknamed'The Garden City of the East'. Discover all the possibilities for land excursions for cruise passengers to Myanmar, especially to Yangon.

Rangoon Yangon Cruise Terminal: Ferry information for the port of Yangon (Rangoon)

Myanmar (also known as Burma) is drawing a lot of interest with the relaxation of the dominant army regimes. During 2011, a new administration began reform, with the release of several hundred detainees and the organisation of legitimate polls, in which the prodemocracy leaders Aung San Suu Kyi's opposing faction won a landslide victor.

Rising temperatures and the relaxation of US penalties have contributed to putting Myanmar on almost every tourist roster. Tour companies - many of them riverside companies - have tried to put together routes to visit Myanmar's biggest town, Yangon (also known as Rangoon). Yangon is also among the top and deluxe cruises on selected Southeast Asia and global cruises.

The Yangon (pronounced "Yangoon") emerges from his bells. You can see impressing Buddhistic couples and other monuments in Yangon itself and in the old capital cities Bagan, Bago and Mandalay. In the 1850s, after two Anglo-Burmese battles in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, the British conquered Yangon and all of Lower Burma.

It made Yangon its domicile of authority in Burma and built an infra-structure to compete with London at that age. The majority of Yangon Island tours are scheduled during the drought, which lasts from December to March. But not every vessel will be able to moor in the centre of Yangon.

It is a four hours long harbour through the Irrawaddy and then up one of its affluents, the Yangon Rivier. Bigger vessels are limited to the deepwater harbor of Thilawa, about 15 nautical leagues southward of Yangon. Burma or Myanmar? Rangoon or Yangon? Their metropolis was Rangoon, most likely a misconception of "Yangon".

You can moor 5 ft in the centre of Yangon, at Bo Aung Kyaw Jetty (or, in some cases, near Nanthida Jetty). From the harbour it is about 500 ft. to the harbour entrance on Strand Road. When you leave the door on your own, you must show your ship's licence to return to docks.

There are no terminals or service facilities in the docks. THILLAWA PORT: Larger vessels, up to 853 ft, must moor at this deepwater harbor 15 nautical leagues southward of the town. The company is planning to increase its capacities to accommodate vessels up to 984 ft.

There is no service to the harbour. Beacons, which include those directly in front of the harbour on Strand Road and Bo Aung Kyaw St, may not allow enough walking space for a crossroad. They are omnipresent, especially near the harbour, but are usually very shy.

Here is a comprehensive tour of the Myanmar Ministry of Tourism and Hotel Culture in Myanmar. No ATMs exist in Burma, and we do not accept international bank accounts (with the exemption of some upper class hotel establishments, which charge an extra fee). When you are fortunate enough to be in the harbour on a Friday evening, the beverages are half that.

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