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Headquartered in Rangoon, China, Microsoft reveals its offices in Rangoon

Microsoft, the major Microsoft firm, was quick to act when it opened its first corporate offices in Burma on Tuesday after learning of an imminent end to US stimulus packages. Sy Wann, the new countrymanager, presented the company's view of Microsoft's position in a market with one of the highest smart-phone adoption levels in the area.

Sy Wann said the firm will concentrate on raising awareness of "the risks of piracy, which includes the risks of ID thieves. This is the latest step for the Washington-based firm.

Restoration of Yangon

Yangon, the former Myanmar city, has one of the most dramatic cityscapes of the early 20th c... The former capitol of the state was one of the great commercial towns of the whole wide globe a hundred years ago and the heritage of this past of cosmopolitanism has been preserved to this day. Yangon city centre is a singular mixture of architectural culture and imperialism, the last preserved "colonial core" of Asia.

However, as the land opens up, this unparalleled legacy is threatened. Years of abandonment have once plunged large structures into a shattering chaos and they are in danger of being torn down in favor of hurriedly erected spires and condos. Part of the loss has already been done because the development team is counting on the country's fast development.

The Myanmar researcher and researcher, Thant Myint U, leads the charges of preserving Yangon's legacy and bringing many structures back to their former splendour. The Yangon Cultural Trust was established by him, a group committed to a coherent citymap. East 101 received uncommon entry to the famed secretariat headquarters, the site of the 1948 Myanmar liberation rite and the murder of the country's main character, General Aung San, who was the murderer of pro-democracy fighter Aung San Suu Kyi.

The huge edifice that accommodated the House of Representatives from 1948-1962 has been off-limits to the general population for more than half a hundred years and few have ever seen it. "The place is changing so much, but at the moment the house is feeling like ours," deputy manufacturer Pailin Wedel and I watched the sun set as it mirrored over the secretariat's 16-hectare secretariat compound and the wall took on the same dark reddish tone as the flaming tree in the atrium.

This was a highlight after two get-togethers in Yangon's most prestigious 101 East location at Restoring Rangoon. "The secretariat, constructed in the latter part of the nineteenth centuary, is the grand lady of all Yangon's historical complex. Situated in the centre of the town, the former headquarters of the UK Colonisation Force, it is more often associated with the murder of the Myanmar nation's protagonist, General Aung San.

The Yangon people once enjoyed hot nights in the shadow of their backyards, but when the army took over the land in 1962, it was outlawed. When I first saw the secretariat, a year after the hurricane, I was attacked by the police when I tried to take a photo from outside.

The first time we went through the doors to see the Anawmar Art Group, which got the rental contract for the property last year, I was amazed. The Myanmar Investment Commission's plans to turn the large structure into a museum, gallery and culture center undoubtedly attracted the interest and fantasy of the Myanmar Investment Commission, which awards land tenancies for land owned by the state.

In view of growing concerns among the general population about the plan to turn it into a resort, the secretariat handed it over to the Anawmar Group. This 400,000 sq. metre large facility is two third the floor space of the Louvre in Paris. However, a recent engineering survey put the overall costs of returning the property at least $100 million.

In Myanmar there are few individuals with the skills to renovate these types of buildings. Bagan's old temple, the most conspicuous antique site in the country, was according to reports declared a World Cultural Site by UNESCO after it was destroyed, instead of preserving its historical treasurr. This young pair, at the centre of this demanding venture, admits that they have no previous cultural asset conservation experiences and are looking for professional help.

It is only possible to provide this type of assistance if the projects are in the general interest. The Anawmar Group's other members are the parent of Soe Thwin Tun, Daw Thi Thi, who has built up the family's extensive arts and real estate collections, and the renowned Myanmar based painter Nay Myo Say, who has a good name as a restaurateur.

I believe that the young pair at the heart of the Anawmar Group have real plans to make the property publicly available and that this sincere intent has earned them the tenancy agreement. A central task for them now is to create an organisational framework that can control the property through the difficult times ahead and win the people' s attention to their work.

Like Myanmar's past is murky with the transformation it began as a country, but there is room for a brilliant one. Perhaps the secretariat is now in better shape than with one of the standard proprietors of Cyrony, who want to transform it into the next link in the network of hotels with similar ground-floor Coffeeshops.

In spite of their inexperience and ambiguity, this young pair can give the secretariat back to the people as a fount of proud. It is the place where Myanmar, once Burma, began its transition from a UK settlement to an autonomous and promising state.

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