Rangoon City

Yangon City

Under professional guidance you will get an insight into the life of Clover City Center Plus Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon). and one from Rangoon (Pazundaung) city cemetery. CITY OF RANGOON MUNICIPAL. Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon): The official name of the city is Yangon, although Rangoon is still often used.

Look at the counter-culture in Rangoon, Burma | Travel

One of Burma's most famous Burmese pop groups, Side Effect practices in a derelict residential building in a tranquil Rangoon avenue. Rangoon, the largest town and former capitol, is Burma's epic center of culture, but also an anti-junta drama in Mandalay or a Shan state show on punks. The ones stopping in Rangoon are at a crucial point in their story.

All over the town, the tools of transformation are looming: sawing and hammering chew and rattle when new constructions are built next to the shells of once large outbuildings. Works by former prisoner politicians can be seen in the River Galerie (details see below) in the upscale Strand Hotel. "Life in Myanmar was so interesting and abundant at the time," says Gill Pattison, a New Zealander who opened the art space in 2005 and a nurse, River II, around the bend in 2013.

The year before, Khin Nyunt, the country's former spacemaster, once known as the Prince of Darkness, transformed his home into a art galery, the Nawaday Art Galery - not to be mistaken for the Nawaday Tharlar Galery, which is run by Ko Pyay Way. Tuesday night, local people, expatriates and visitors meet at the Pansodan Galerie, a first-storey hideout run by charming Aung Soe Min.

Located inside the luxury beach hotel from pre-historic times in the old part of the old part of the island, the River Galerie is an ideal place to make pottery for an hours or two. You' ll find the River Galerie II, a few minutes walking around the street on your left. Aung Soe Min operates one of the city's most popular art and creativity venues on the first level of a run-down Pansodan Street facility.

Ko Pyay Way opened this galery, souvenir store and café in 2012 - in addition to supporting his own work, he also shows young locals talent. The Nawaday Galerie was opened by former espionage boss Khin Nyunt. The Institut Français in Rangoon organizes photo contests, artist talks and hip-hop shows.

One of the best places in town to listen to real life tunes, with frequent performances and open microphone evenings.

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