Rangoon Capital

Yangon capital

T. Levi's " Rangoon, the capital of Burma, by a Rangoonite in Moscow " (" Rangoon, the capital of Burma, by a Rangoonite in Moscow "). The name was also changed to Rangoon. The city has since become the capital of Myanmar, known to the world as Rangoon. The capital of Rangoon is YANGON.

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Rangoon (Yangon) Bago - The Ancient Mon Capital Excursion Reviews & Reviews

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The BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Bomb explosions shake Burma's capitol

In Burma's capitol Rangoon, three bombs have killed at least 11 men and affected bustling malls. It was blown up almost simultaneously around 1500 GMT (local time) in a center with a Thai exhibition and two hypermarkets. Over 150 persons were wounded in the blastings the army has accused the rebel population.

There were two deaths and 13 injuries in this assault. Radiocommunication said 163 persons were wounded, while Yangon General Hospital claimed more than 200 of them. A number of bloodied faces were seen exiting a city mart grocery store in northwestern Rangoon, a testimony to the Associated Press said.

That other explosion struck another downtown mart shop in north Rangoon and allegedly caused similar damages. Wells in the municipality declared to the BBC that the commerce area was push with group who were time on the end day of the gathering. A few accounts say that the bombs went off there when folks saw a fash. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand has ordered a C-130 to take the more than 200 Thais who attended the mass home on Sunday to Yangon.

Said he thought the assault was not aimed at Thailand's interests and was an in-house Burma affair.

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