Rangoon Burmese Restaurant

Yangon Burmese Restaurant

Reviews all rangoon tofu ginger salad curries bread country chicken potatoes spring rolls seafood hot and spicy this restaurant offers Chinatown Thai appetizers falooda cuisine spice. Yangon Burmese Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA. For adventurers looking for an affordable and exotic meal, try Rangoon, a Burmese restaurant on Ninth Street in Philly's Chinatown. And we love cooking and familiarizing people with Burmese cuisine. Yangon Burmese Restaurant, Philadelphia Picture:

Yangon Burmese Restaurant - 365 pictures & 525 reviews - Burmese - 112N9th St, Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA, United States - Restaurant Reviews - Phone number - Menu

Leaf lettuce was tasty and easy to divide, as the light bittering of the tealeaves increases as you ate. The Burmese pasta was well received and not too cute. Your ketchup was much too hot for more than a small flavor, but your running performance may differ.

It is incredibly delicious to eat and the services are hot and happy. Do not leave this place without trying the Thousand Ply Loaf with Potatoe Dip Cream. Also we ordered the crunchy onions, the roasted savoury paddy rices (special), chilli and prawn pasta and payed less than $50 in all, which was the culmination of this marvellous experiince.

Dinner in Rangoon gives me so many sentiments. Yangon is a fail-safe, mass-market restaurant, ideal for those extra-ordinary events without bells and whistles or just to bring the band together to eat bombs. Whilst many enthuse about tea leaf salad, I am 100% enthusiastic about the Crispy Watercress salad.

It' crunchy, aromatic, sweet and sour. Surely everything is better roasted, even a lettuce. I have a similar response to the pumpkin. I' m soon heading back to the bay and Rangoon is one of many great little business places that I'll miss very much. Someone with Burmese roots, but not many ways to enjoy Burmese cuisine, I knew I had to pass by this place during my brief journey to Phil.

First, we began with some classical Burmese appetizers: the gold finger (squash tempura) and tofusalat, both of which were tasty. We have two of Burma's pasta Salad for our starters. but one with ball pasta and the other with paddy ricepack.

After meeting some of our buddies for supper, the meal was very good - a jewel of many years from Philadelphia Chinatown! Eating was cool, spicy, delicious and really tasty. When you have not tried Burmese cuisine, you should! Lovely welcomed by the Burmese faerie with a broad laugh from head to toe.

The crunchy solid cress lettuce was ordered, the thing was solid and tasty. The next one was the thousand-layer bread....girl....you got me, I tried to keep away from carbohydrates, but how am I supposed to do that? That thousand-layered loaf had a tear, a snapper, a sizzling of a nain, but was slimmer and fritter.

With BONUS you get this great dip dressing made of mashed potatoes and it's really hot! I' m a lucky Burmese campervan. As I was so starving and the meal was so good, even the personnel was amazed at how quickly I swallowed it all! You do yourself a favour and order the lettuce.

When I tasted her pumpkin-shrimp-purry, I liked the pieces of pumpkins and the creamy texture of the squid. I' ve never tried Burmese crusine before. Considering the cost, the eating experience was astonishing! Snapper Rangoon for the starter, a thousand layers of potato and poultry loaves, poultry crème, I forget the name of the noodle meal we ordered and prawns roasted toast.

If you come in, it's a very big restaurant with lots of seats - it definitely has a mum and a poppy vib. A favourite starter we ordered was the Rangoon prawn and fresh cheeses filled in a boiled wrapper. Good dinner at a reasonable cost, but probably not here anymore.

For some, this could be a four-star restaurant, as there are no other Burmese facilities in the city. I' m no Burmese eating specialist, but I ordered the firecrackers and the pasta. It was not from a pastry or gravy, but from these small, finely minced chillies, so that you would gnash on one instead of an even overheat. It is VERY hot, so be careful!

with a side of a gravy that tastes like goose dip. All in all I was able to complete all my meals and I hated nothing of it, but I was not too happy with my orders. Perhaps someone who knows the menus or appreciates Burmese cuisine more than I do will be more fortunate!

A relatively straightforward restaurant with fast and efficient services at good rates. But I' ve never been to a Burmese restaurant before and I'm seriously wondering how this is possible after I eat Burmese in Rangoon. After a few week I still think of the thousand layers of bread with potato curry dip sauce ($6.25).

After all, I liked it more than Thai or Hindi and both. On my home page I had the Burmese style Northern Burmese style noise ($9.50) and I found it dull and discouraging. The Northern Burmese pasta was a wide shallow pasta (instead of the thin pasta in the sweet version), but also had more gravy and was a little flavour.

We' ordered the thousand-ply loaf. Each with: currysauce of chickens, beans and potatoes. I ordered the minty-birch skewer as an appetizer. Wasn' hot what I liked. It was a very delicious dressing and chickens and vegetables were just right. I had a friend, the chickens with a little bit of hot and cold water, and everyone liked her meal very much.

All in all very relaxing athmosphere for dinner, nothing unusual, but the meal is really good! Burmese cuisine for the first one! I had a Burmese boyfriend ask me out to dinner one night. SAMOSA was crispy and crispy and goes perfectly with the hot curried in it! The crispy watercress salad was the show's celebrity.

Pairing so well with the dressings, they would serve a thousand layers of sandwich loaf with curried potato dip sauce, which initially came out with its hot, tough loaf of loaf that went perfectly with the sausage. Ahhhhh Burmese Inlay Fish was another favorite of mine! We' ve ordered another pasta stew, but I'm so sorry I can't recall the name or which one is on the list (my boyfriend ordered it all for us).

The pasta was so tasty in its own way and the smooth pasta mixed well! Lots of hoopla with Burmese cuisine. It is the first Burmese restaurant I have ever had lunch at in my whole lifetime and I have to say that my expectation was definitely high. When you have a high MSG toleration, this restaurant can be for you.

The report is made up of over 9 trips and a thousand layers of loaves of loaves each year. Ensure that your boyfriends know in advance that you are ready to order one of the meals you order with the exception of the thousand layers of bred and curried dip dressing, put your hand away that shift because my boyfriend is everything for me me me me.

I' ve had Burmese in the cove several nights, so I was nervous to be eating here. We' ve got the red and mashed potatoes and curries hors d'oeuvre, which was good. Ordering a lettuce of tealeaf and waiting for what I had everywhere (in the bay): a place where all the trimmings were cut and mingled.

I also ordered the Southern Burmese Noodles, which wasn't too much. All in all, this place may have been respectable if there is no other Burmese place, but I myself have had a much better experience. Conclusion - Eating here is definitely one of a kind, and you should at least try it if you like Asiatic cooking. After an aperitif collector and a thousand layers of cakes, we ordered our meals and deserts.

This is definitely on the smaller side for the restaurant, but it was perfect for me and for the prize. All in all good meal with a beautiful "homestyle"-feeling. I particularly liked the thousand-layer loaf of loaf of bread and the Asiatic lettuce. Tealeaf lettuce had a light but not overpowering bittering of tee, and the lettuce was beautifully spiced and very fresh-water.

Yangon was proposed to me by a mate as a great place to imagine Burmese cuisine and Rangoon has not disappointed me This restaurant is tasty and inexpensive! Being a great starter option that can be divided between two poeple and the tangy potatoe is ooh too tangy (I loves flavorful food).

As Burmese cuisine is not conducive to finding Philadelphia, this is a real jewel that allows you to visit several places.

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