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Burma is proving to be Asia's most exciting destination after half a century of hibernation. As Myanmar opens up to tourism, Yangon is becoming increasingly popular with independent travellers and backpackers. Yangon MYANMAR Tourist SIM card, the best you can do in Yangon MYANMAR! There has been an increase in the number of tourists and expats arriving in Yangon for recreational and business purposes in recent years. Being a tourist, aspects of traveling in Yangon can still be a little bit of an unknown adventure.

There are four ways travellers can rescue Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is the most convincing country in Asia. After fifty years of historical transformation to a more pro-democracy regime and 50 years of social exclusion, travellers flock to explore the riches of this historical empire, which became known in the works of Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell and other former researchers.

Myanmar has long been an important trading centre in the East, after it came under the control of a dictatorial army in 1948 and its poorest neighbours Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand overtook the economy in the last halfcentenary. Last November's election brought Nobel Peace Prize-winning leaders (and long-time detainees ) Aung San Suu Kyi to the top, although talks with the former dominant and still mighty militar y élite are continuing, and many are wondering whether Myanmar is only a name for a free democratic country.

Meanwhile, the flow of tourists in the state - the new child on the tourist board, together with Cuba - is quickly becoming a high water. Since 2012, the number of people arriving internationally has increased fourfold as the United States began to normalize its relationship with Myanmar. Buzzing may keep promise both for the nation's atrophied economies, but the concomitant inflow of tourist infrastructures is threatening to do detriment to its inherent beauties and culture premium.

If that happens, the losses would not only be those of Myanmar, but those of the rest of the state. There are four ways you can help make Myanmar's tourist industry help and not hurt: Myanmar's biggest and former capitol, Yangon (Rangoon), has developed into a booming metropolis, with new buildings everywhere, a fast-growing citizenship and bottlenecks due to the nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries plans.

In a renovated UK farmhouse, Htet Myet Oo opened the Rangoon Tea House, which serves contemporary dishes of local cooking. Sheafy Yangon has one of the biggest collection of fin-de-siècle structures in Southeast Asia, along with 1800s and 19s Army architectural styles and of course beautiful Buddha Schools, such as the deep holy Shwedagon mayonnaise.

"Thant Myint-U, founding member of the Yangon Heritage Trust, who has put the brake on the deliberate demolition of historical monuments, says, "In an effort to modernise and free the population from destitution, we must not ignore the preservation of past histories and heritage. I lived in Yangon at Belmond Governor's Residence, a manor house from the former Colonies, which was converted into a luxurious inns.

You can also try The Strand, a turn of the millennium hostel in the centre of the city that was once known as" the most beautiful hostel east of Suez" and has been upgraded to the latest technology. In rural areas, travellers should consider small guest houses and taverns that are respectful of Myanmar's natural surroundings, celebrating its cultural heritage and benefiting the country's economies, such as the new Hpa-An Lodge in Karen state, the Thahara Inle Heritage on Inle Lake and Thahara Pindaya in central Shan state.

Myanmar's wealthiest and most fantastic heritage lies outside its business heath. Away from Yangon, the modern age goes back and the nation's past comes alive. From the Himalayas to the Andaman Sea, the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar's spinal column, is still the most formative travelling time.

Buses along the lower Irrawaddy are the Mandalay King, Myanmar's second biggest town, and Saint Bagan. Less travellers dare to travel to Bhamo and beyond just before Mandalay, although AvalonWaterways' recently added country tour of the rivers begins to take responsibility in the tourist industry to municipalities in urgent need of shelter. One of the companies assisted a lumberjack' s lumberyard near one of its Katha bus stations in its move to the tourist industry.

" The Burmese are known for their soft and kind appearance, but in parts of the countryside that are witnessing an increase in tourist traffic, a business spirit is rapidly evolving that is intrusive and approaches the tourist with its drinks and guided tours. It is better to shop in fairs like Pomelo in Yangon, supporting craftsmen from some of the country's 135 ethnical groups, paying proper salaries and collecting money for better localities.

Derek Mitchell, the retiring US Goodwill Goodwill ambassador (and a colleague of mine), said Myanmar is at a singular point in its past and faces a golden opportunity to draw the lesson and prevent the errors that have been made elsewhere in Asia. The majority of tourist sites are frangible, but Myanmar, which is undergoing an increase in tourist activity as it builds its infrastructures, is particularly susceptible.

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