Rainy Season Yangon

Yangon Rainy Season

Activities in Yangon during the rainy season. -YANGON - Do you like to travel around Myanmar during the rainy season (or what I like to call the "green season")? Makes Bagan a better choice in the rainy season. There are six reasons why I hate monsoon season in Yangon. It' s mainly three seasons.

Myanmar monsoons survivor leader

Myanmar's rainy season is something you have to see to believe. Fortunately, we smashed the soaked roads of the land and wrote this guidebook to help you through the coming few heats. The Yangon is full of kind men who will not hesistate to help you. However, this charm and heat can quickly vanish during the rainy season when suddenly wet rains let every man, every women and every kid take care of themselves.

Yangon's Monsoon usually comes in mid-May and goes towards the end of October. The rains can hit at any moment and last for a few day. You could of course carry a raincover, but the air moisture makes the carrying unbearable hot: If one is not impregnated with precipitation, one can be sure that one is impregnated with perspiration.

You know that as soon as your parasol goes away, the rains come back with avenge. Saturation is not the worse thing the season can bring up. Last year, 14 lives were lost on the roads of the town as a consequence of a creaky, run-down power grid because they came into touch with it.

A young man was struck by an electric shock when he entered a pool near a light post in front of Sakura Tower, a commercial centre in Yangon city centre. One more kid was dying when he touched a light post on the pavement. It is best to prevent as much as possible from being in touch with lamps, pylons, water features and similar items at this season.

This is because the drainage sometimes lacks cover and the depth of the waters is such that you cannot always see the gashing holes in the cobbles. Whilst some runoffs are flat, others are large streams that run very quickly during the rainy season. The Yangon gets an annual mean of 2700 millimeters of rain.

Unfortunately, Yangon's dewatering facilities date back to Colonian times, when they were hardly a bit more than a decade old. Occasionally, when it is raining hard, the runoffs run up again and the roads fill with rubble. It is not only coarse but also harmful: If an open wound, e.g. a incision, comes into direct contact as a result of this wound infection, it can become highly infectious.

Yangon inaugurated its new prime Minister, U Phyo Min Thein, who has started a manure removal work. If you have to take a cab during the monsun, it is best to check the seating thoroughly before boarding to prevent a major jolt (a cabbie will probably not alert you that his seating is saturated).

If you are in a damp chair, don't be afraid: most Yangonites will sympathize with you rather than despise you. It is a system of supplies and demands, and when it is raining, the need for a cab increases. Except you want to fight with cabbies for a long, long period in the rainy season.

It' crazy to wear boots during the monsoons. Recent research by the Department of Medical Research (Lower Myanmar) on Yangon city centre road nutrition found that one third of the 150 specimens contained one of two hazardous bacterial species. You must be especially careful with all the polluted waters that spill through the roads when you eat road foods during the rainy season.

Having read this, don't you find yourself feeling priviledged to experience the monsoons in our lovely town? Seriously, though, the monsun has a nice side, and if you take our advice, you might even appreciate the rainy season. There are few better times for this writer to enjoy a hot drink or a good read while he listens to the rythm of the rains on the attic.

It' a sensation you can only get during the monsun. Don't forget: The rains also make your whiskey smell better.

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