Rainy Season in Yangon

The Yangon Rainy Season

And even though we were out in the middle of the rainy season with the heroin. There are three seasons in Myanmar and June is the rainy season. It' time for monsoon storms in June. One more hot season ends and another monsoon season begins. Drizzle arrived at the beginning of May this year.

Traveling in Myanmar during the rainy season

So how many rainy nights a year? Is it possible to travel during the rainy season and still spend a nice vacation in Burma? Tip for trips in the summer: Bagan lies in the so-called "dry zone", so it is just as warm in the midday as in the outback.

For trips in March, April and May it may be useful to take a short rest after luncheon in the hot weather of the year. Simply unwind in the shadow of one of the temple or take a snooze in your room or go to the pools. In June the temperatures are a little colder again and the light is less on the heads - a nice season to go to the temple.

During the rainy months of the year, there are still 12 non-rainy nights a week, and most others are brief showerfalls at the end of the year. Consultation when traveling in the summer: The Mandalay is in the centre of the land - the mean July temperatures, for example, are only 2°C higher than in February.

The month of April can be a little warm (as there is often not much breeze in Mandalay), but still a very good travelling in. In July, the daylight hour is 2.5 more than in December, which could be another good opportunity to come in the middle of the year.

June is the humidest of the year with about 10 rainy nights (i.e. there are 20 rainy days!). Tip for trips in the summer season: Best in June, July, August and September if you like the warm temperatures and want to stay out of the colder winters (and get 2 extra light for sight-seeing).

Lake Inle is a common tourist attraction that can be enjoyed all year round - occasionally there may be brief and intense showers, although the number of rainy summers is less than in Paris! Consultation when traveling in the middle of the year:) This applies to Yangon, to be honest....because this town has the most rainy outdoors.

It also means lower temperature, so it's nice to run around Yangon wearing an Umbrella. What is the best season to visit Myanmar? It is the high season for Myanmar's tourist industry, which means higher rates. We recommend that between July and October, when the land is at its best, the best times to do so.

This is also the calmest and most specific month - because of the Buddhist Lent from June to September. In fact, the land and its inhabitants are something really different all year round!

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