raga muffin

View Ragamuffin for English learners. The RagaMuffin is now a separate breed and is not a cross between a Ragdoll and a British Shorthair (or similar). This whole story will probably remain a mystery, but the end result of the RagaMuffin breed is as rewarding as it is pleasant. raagamuffin definition, a ragged, disreputable man; tatterdemalion.

The Ragamuffin, one of the friendliest cat breeds, follows you like a dog and welcomes you at the door.

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Derek Klena as a gentleman and all-rounder Dmitry.

So what made you look for rags?

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When you wonder if the RagaMuffin is related to the Ragdoll, the question is yes.

RagaMuffin comes in a color and pattern iridescent bow, with or without white:

RagaMuffin has a service life of 12 to 16 years.

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