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East Eastern & Oriental Hotel and Raffles Hotel, further hotels of the Sarkies Brothers. The Strand Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon): Constructed by the same people who built the Raffles in Singapore. Asia's major colonial hotels, including the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore and the Eastern and Oriental in Penang. Sava Yangon Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar.

Such Raffles Hotel in Burma - Review of The Strand, Yangon (Rangoon)

This beach is a very unique place. It' s got the charme and ambiance like no other place I've been to, but you have to be conscious that it's not just what you'd expect from a hotel in this category - for that kind of moneys.

It' on Strand Road, a bustling, multi-lane road full of vehicles that are in the middle of nowhere. It is a very private hotel with only thirty rooms on two levels, each with a butler's workstation. There is no swimming beach, which is very uncommon for such an expansive hotel, and at the end of a warm and humid evening it was very used up.

An a la carte beach café breakfasts are delicious. And the beach grill, the exquisite place to eat, is also good - and very expensive.

Timeline Hotel - Competitions Singapore - Hotel in Singapore

1887In September, a brief newspaper report proclaimed the Sarkies Brothers, owner of the Eastern & Eastern in Penang, intended to open a hotel in Singapore and name it after Singapore's founders Sir Stamford Raffles. The Raffles Hotel was opened as a 10-room hotel on 1 December.

1888Author Joseph Conrad, then a sailor on the East Coast, is considered one of the first visitors to the Raffles Hotel. Shortly afterwards, Rudyard Kipling, a young man on a tour around the hotel, had dinner and wrote: "Feed at Raffles". The writers opened the hotel's iconic literature traditions, which continue to this day.

1892Sarkies extended their store and opened Raffles Tiffin Rooms on Raffles Place in May. Aviiet was based in Rangoon, where he managed the opening of the beach hotel, and Arshak took care of the E&O in Penang, the family's oldest hotel.

1894December saw the opening of the Palm Farm Grand. 1899The famous main building of the Hotel Raffles was finished and opened with great enthusiasm on 18 November. That was the beginning of the hotel's golden age. Also the hotel proudly presented Singapore's first electrical lamps and ventilators and a famous cook from France. The Raffles Hotel quickly became a crowd-puller for travelers and people.

1902In August, the last of the Singapore tigers was chased at Raffles Hotel and eventually huddled under the bar and billiard room, an raised edifice, and gunned down. 1904The Bras Basah grand was opened and made the Raffles Hotel the "most splendid hotel of its kind east of Suez", according to a daily newscast.

It has hosted a wide range of entertainment activities, from dining dance and skateboarding to billiards tournaments, and has hosted travelers from all over the world. 1910The Raffles Hotel Post Office opens, which serves hotel customers and the surroundings until the end of the twenties. The travelers used to enjoy the hotel's offers and the cold ocean breezes.

1915A. The Raffles March" was written by Dieter and devoted to Tigran Sarkies. Ngiam Tong Boon, barman from Hainane, has designed the Million Dollar Cocktail and Singapore Sling. 1921Somerset Maugham made the first of his trips to Raffles Hotel; he came back in 1926 and 1959. It was in this ten-year period that the "tourism industry" began in Singapore and Malaya.

The hotel has produced its own travel guides in response to this development. It also hosted the wealthy and celebrities, such as Charlie Chaplin, Maurice Chevalier, Frank Buck and Jean Harlow. 1930Noel Coward, the English dramatist, writer and actress, comes to Raffles Hotel accompanied by Lord Amherst.

The Raffles Hotel was not unscathed. Shortly after the demise of Arshak Sarkies, the last of the four brethren, the Sarkies Proprietors store, which comprised both the Raffles Hotel and the E&O in Penang, went bankrupt. 1933The hotel's finances were settled and a new joint-stock corporation named Raffles Hotel Ltd. was established.

The Raffles Hotel's major competitor, the Hotel de L'Europe, shut its door forever. 1941 The Second World War devoured Singapore. Bombarded Singapore and sunk the Prince of Wales and Repulse of the Royal Navy off the Malayan coastline. On their way to the Malaya Peninsula, the Japanese and English family gathered at the Raffles Hotel.

1942Singapore gave itself to Japan when colonists from Britain assembled at Raffles Hotel to perform "There Will Always Be An England". 1945Japan surrenders to the Allies and Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten accepts Singapore's returns under UK con. Raffle's hotel became a transient passage point for POWs freed under army rule - and was a veil of their own.

1953Raffles Grill was re-named Elisabethan Grill to mark the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II. In the 1950' Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor were among the celebrities who attended the hotel. 1963Singapore, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak form the Federation of Malaysia. 1965Singapore withdrew from the Federation to become a supreme and autonomous state.

1967Pretty polly with Trevor Howard and Hayley Mills was shot at the Raffles Hotel. 1986Raffles Hotel celebrates its centennial one year earlier than the Year of the Tigers. On the first of the year a living animal was shot - on the hotel's pool tables.

1987The government of Singapore declared the Raffles Hotel a national monument. 1989In March the hotel was shut down to allow a full overhaul. It would bring Raffles back to its 1910s and 20s elegance and secure its position as one of the world's grand hotels. 1991On September 16, the renovated hotel opened its gates to the general public again, just as it looked in 1915 during its early heyday.

On November 1 and beyond, the Raffles Hotel Arcade opened with further amenities and rides, among them 65 specialty stores, extra grocery and drink stores, the Raffles Hotel Museum & Museum Shop, the Jubilee Hall Theaterspielhaus and five functional areas. 1992The Raffles Hotel is officially commemorated as a national monument with the inauguration of a blackboard at the main building entry.

Raffle's Hotel publishes a richly pictorial eBook entitled "Raffles Hotel", documenting the hotel's past and past work. The raffle begins the yearly Christmas gala dinner and a tree auction for charitable purposes. 1993 "Raffles - The Untold Story" starts and looks humorously at the hotel and its story.

1995Renowned Milanese painter Carlo Marchiori returned to Raffles to complete his classical ambiance with frescoes showing the landscape of ancient Asia and dancing figurines written over the outer wall and hallways of the hotel's functional areas, The Ballroom & Jubilee Hall. 1996Built in 1904, the Bras Basah Wing of Raffles Hotel is newly founded as Raffles Inc.

An enchanting floral shop, Sir Charles - Planters for the Gentleman, opens at Raffles Hotel Arcade. The Raffles Hotel honoured one of Chile's most important modernists and the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature with the Pablo Neruda Suites, in the hotel's courtyard, on 22 November.

The Raffles Hotel was the setting for a $20 million Hollywood movie with Glenn Close and Jean Simmons. The Paradise Road, scripted and staged by award-winning Bruce Beresford, shows the glamour of the hotel's façade. 1998On September 14, the Raffles Hotel dedicated a suites in honor of James A. Michener, Pulitzer Laureate, who had a lifelong passion for travelling and the Raffles Hotel.

It was also opened on September 16, 1998, the hotel's 111th birthdays. 2004To celebrate its 117-year jubilee, the Raffles Hotel has partnered with Longines, the world' premier watchmaker, to create the Longines Raffles Collection of 117 exclusive watches in a special timepiece series. 2007Raffles Hotel celebrates its first 120 th year of existence with an memorable gala reception on Sunday, September 16, 2007.

At the center of the welcome was the large hotel bistro where Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew accompanied the ceremony as guest of honour. 2001Raffles Hotel published the Memoirs of a Raffles originally, which shows the history of its resident historian and his unparalleled connection to the Granddame.

2012Raffles Hotel is celebrating 125 years and has turned to another icon of good tastes and styles for its anniversary: On the occasion of Raffles' 125-year jubilee, Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced an exquisite engraved "Raffles Hotel 1887 - 2012 Singapore". 2015Raffles Hotel is paying homage to one of the world's most famous coctails as Singapore Sling will celebrate its centenary in 2015.

Singapore Sling, the country's most popular beverage, was first made in 1915 at Raffles Hotel by barkeeper Ngiam Tong Boon. Raphael's Hotels and Resorts works with Sipsmith to make a custom fit gingerbread, Raphael's 1915. Sam Galsworthy, co-founder of Sipsmith, is also a descendent of Sir Stamford Raffles.

Raffle's 1915 Gin was designed by Sipsmith Master Distiller Jared Brown and handmade at the Sipsmith Destillery in London solely for Raffle's Hotels and Resorts. 2017Raffles Hotel Singapore begins a meticulous and delicate renovation, which is scheduled to reopen in autumn 2018. In 2017, Raffles Hotel Singapore, the flag ship of Raffles Hotels and Resorts, which has 11 additional objects in its inventory, celebrates its 130-year jubilee.....

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